Is Evangelion a good show?


Is Evangelion a good show?

Is Evangelion a good show?

Evangelion is a major cultural touchstone, if not one of the more important TV shows of the 1990s, and the fact that it is now easily available to around 150 million people around the world is a pretty big deal. 2. The restoration is gorgeous. This is by far the best Evangelion has looked.

Is Evangelion a masterpiece?

The film is a remake of the final 2 episodes of the series which take place in the metaphysical plane, the film shows what happens in the physical world during that time and is widely considered the true ending and a masterpiece of film making.

Why EVA is a masterpiece?

To put it briefly, I feel the brilliant cinematography and design, combined with incredible characters and story telling, as well as the completely absurd and bizarre nature of the show make it something truly unique in not just anime but in TV and Cinema.

Why NGE is a masterpiece?

Neon Genesis Evangelion is often regarded as a masterpiece by many in the anime community. People have dissected each scene, and given their take on every character. It represents the birth of the modern Mecha, and it revolutionized an entire era of anime.

Can you watch the rebuild of Evangelion before the anime?

  • To you, I say: Don’t do this. Don’t watch the Rebuild of Evangelion film series before watching the anime as it was. Hold out for Netflix. There is a correct way to enjoy the anime, and it requires patience. Our best girls (and boy). Evangelion is notorious not just for its scattershot pacing, but also the production hell that begat it.

Is the Neon Genesis Evangelion movie worth watching?

  • It’s worth a watch too, but mostly out of curiosity; it also is essentially the first part of The End of Evangelion, which you should obviously watch after you finish episode 26. Altogether, the original Evangelion anime will do a number on your psyche. Have fun! But what about the movie remakes? The cast of the Rebuild of Evangelion movies.

Why is the movie Evangelion a good movie?

  • The best reason to watch Evangelion is also the most obvious: it's worth watching because it tells a great story. It takes the basic archetypal hook of a young boy destined to save the world while both extrapolating this premise into a complex, compelling mythology and grounding it in a realistic struggle with depression and self-worth.

How many episodes of Evangelion are there on DVD?

  • Evangelion was meant for week-to-week viewing in Japan. American fans in the past would typically experience it in a similar gradual trickle. There were the airings on The Anime Network and Adult Swim. The VHS releases had two episodes per overpriced tape, and the DVDs typically had three-to-five episodes per slightly less overpriced disc.

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