Who is stronger Eren or Reiner?


Who is stronger Eren or Reiner?

Who is stronger Eren or Reiner?

Reiner Braun. Reiner Braun is the current inheritor of the Armoured Titan. Reiner is shown to be an extremely good hand-to-hand combat fighter who trains Eren. ... He was able to defeat Eren due to his sheer strength and will.

Who is the strongest in Attack on Titan?

10 Strongest Attack on Titan Characters

  1. Captain Levi. At last — humanity's strongest soldier.
  2. Mikasa. Mikasa saves Eren's life quite frequently. ...
  3. Eren. Eren is the strongest titan. ...
  4. Annie. Annie is one tough titan. ...
  5. Zeke. ...
  6. Captain Erwin. ...
  7. Armin. ...
  8. The War Hammer Titan. ...

Does Eren beat Reiner in close combat?

Conny grows worried for Reiner and Bertholdt's lack of equipment, unaware of their Titan identities and concerned for their safety. Reiner punches Eren hard enough to knock him over At the base of the Wall, Reiner delivers a devastating punch to Eren's Titan, sending him falling a great distance away.

Who kills Reiner?

Royal Government arc. Reiner is defeated by the Beast Titan in Shiganshina Roughly two months after Reiner and Bertolt are exposed as traitors and escape the Survey Corps they are reunited with Zeke. They inform him of Marcel's death and Annie's capture.

Who is stronger, eren or Reiner in Titan form?

  • In terms of pure strength, Reiner can definitely outmuscle both Eren and Annie in their human and Titan forms, but brute strength alone just isn’t enough to win fights against intelligent, skilled opponents. As of Season 4, I think the only Titan Shifter Reiner would be able to defeat in a one-on-one match would be the Cart Titan.

How is Eren getting stronger in the anime?

  • Currently, Eren's titan has gotten fairly strong. He has achieved more control over it, learned to harden, and also controlling other titans. Further in the story, he would get stronger. Eren may look powerful, but there are anime characters who can still maul him.

Who is better, Reiner Heck eren or Annie?

  • Reiner would win for the same reason he crushed her in their human forms. Annie would win. The reason why is because she is a more agile and a more experienced fighter than Reiner heck Eren used one of her techniques against Reiner and if it wasn’t for berorhldt he might have won.

Who is better, Annie or Reiner as a Titan?

  • He fought the scouts, Eren twice, and was throwing around a bunch of Titans under the control of Eren, and if we include season 4, he fought in wars too. While Annie just killed some scouts and faced Eren twice. Reiner has this.

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