Who is Cedric Diggory related to?


Who is Cedric Diggory related to?

Who is Cedric Diggory related to?

Cedric Diggory
Created byJ. K. Rowling
Portrayed byRobert Pattinson (Goblet of Fire) Joe Livermore (Prisoner of Azkaban)
In-universe information
FamilyAmos Diggory (father)

Is Cedric and Voldemort related?

Cedric Diggory (September/October, 1977–) was a British wizard who was the son of Amos Diggory and his wife. ... Both took hold of the Triwizard Cup, which transported them to the Little Hangleton graveyard, where Cedric was murdered by Peter Pettigrew with the Killing Curse, on the orders of Lord Voldemort.

Who is Cedric Diggory sister?

Colette Diggory Colette Diggory, (b. 1979) is the daughter to Amos Diggory and his wife, the younger sister to Cedric Diggory . She started Hogwarts in 1991, and was sorted into Hufflepuff, along with her twin brother.

Who is Cedric Diggory's father in Harry Potter?

  • Cedric's father, works for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures ( GF9 ). Mother of Cedric ( GF36 ). Good-looking Triwizard champion. Killed by Wormtail at Voldemort's command, J ( GF32 ). Eldritch Diggory, Minister for Magic, in office 17 (Pm: Ministers for Magic)

When did Eldritch Diggory become Minister of magic?

  • He defeated Perseus Parkinson for reelection in 1733 and was reelected at least once. Minister Diggory was born into the Diggory family, a wizarding family of unknown blood status. At an unknown point (though probably at age eleven like most children) he bought a wand at Ollivanders. According to Garrick Ollivander, he owned a "fine" poplar wand.

Where did Eldritch Diggory live in Harry Potter?

  • They lived near Ottery St Catchpole in Devon, England, and thus close to the Weasley ( The Burrow ), Lovegood, and Fawcett families. Eldritch Diggory was appointed Minister for Magic in 1733. He was re-elected in 1740. He created the Auror recruitment programme. He died in 1747 due to Dragon Pox.

Who are the members of the Diggory family?

  • We are celebrating 20 Years of the Lexicon with a Twentieth Anniversary Canon Celebration! The main Diggory family consisted of Cedric (son), Amos (father), and Mrs. (no name given, mother) Diggory. Cedric's father, works for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures ( GF9 ).

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