Why Emhyr is Ciri father?


Why Emhyr is Ciri father?

Why Emhyr is Ciri father?

Yes. Ciri is the daughter of him and Pavetta. His father was the Emperor of Nilfgaard but was killed and Emhyr was cursed into a hedgehog but the sorcerer who did it messed up and he became this weird Were-Hedgehog-thing.

Is Lord Urcheon Ciri's father?

Duny, also known as Jez and also Urcheon of Erlenwald, was an alias used by Emhyr var Emreis, the Emperor of Nilfgaard and the husband of Pavetta and the father of Ciri.

Does Emhyr marry Ciri?

He wanted to marry and have a child with her, so he had to know, but he decided that it might be best for Ciri to send her back. But there is also the fake-Ciri, which is apparently non-existent in the game, but he actually marries and could have more children with her, getting sons to secure a legitimate heir.

Why does Ciri think Emhyr wants to marry her?

  • Ciri thinks that Emhyr wants to marry her in Order to rule Cintra and i dont know at which point she eventually found out that Emhyr is her father given she didnt talk to Geralt until Witcher 3. Am i missing something or is this just a big plot hole? She recognizes him, but she does not connect the dots.

Who is Ciri's father?

  • Emhyr is Ciri's biological father. However, by the Law of Surprise, Geralt brought Ciri back as his daughter and all things considered - Ciri considers the people of Kaer Morhen her family over her biological parents.

Why do Geralt and Ciri hate Emhyr so much?

  • No one knew Emhyr was also Duny - Ciri's father. His intent was to kidnap Ciri, marry her, and have a child with his own daughter. So that's basically why Geralt and Ciri hate him so much, the game never tells you any of that important backstory.

What was Emhyr var Emreis like as a child?

  • He was publicly favorable to the Elder Races, in stark contrast to monarchs of the North. Not much is disclosed on Emhyr's childhood until he was 13 and his father Fergus var Emreis, the emperor of Nilfgaard at the time, was deposed from his title, imprisoned and tortured after a coup led by an influential aristocrat only known as the Usurper.

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