Is Desmond Miles in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?


Is Desmond Miles in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

Is Desmond Miles in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

While he was only featured in the first five games of the now-12-strong series, Desmond's resonance continues to be felt in the fabric of the franchise, most recently in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Did Desmond Miles die in Assassin's Creed?

After the three exited, Desmond walked up to the orb. Juno watched as he touched it with his hand, his body shook violently for several moments and shone a bright gold; though, after a brief time, Desmond fell to the ground, sacrificing his life to protect the planet from the Second Disaster.

Is Desmond dead in AC Valhalla?

Desmond Miles never truly died, he fell into a coma and was taken into the grey with clay to relive the last memories of his ancestor, Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.

Will Desmond Miles ever return to Assassin's Creed?

4 RETURN: Desmond Miles For all its shortcomings, one of the ways Assassin's Creed Valhalla has changed the series is by bringing Desmond back. Of course, he's something of an echo by this point, but it's easy to see some kind of Isu magic being used to resurrect him.

What happens to Layla Valhalla?

Basim says he has been working with who he calls The Reader, and who we call Desmond, in order to prevent yet another catastrophe like the one that Desmond prevented in 2012. Interestingly, the Norse loom weavers disappear the minute Layla touches an Apple of Eden and Basim disappears, meaning that their job is done.

How did Ezio die?

heart attack After helping Shao fight off soldiers sent by the Chinese Emperor Jiajing and training her, Ezio sees Shao on her way back to China, armed with the wisdom she came seeking him for. Shortly thereafter, while on a trip to the market square in Florence, Ezio dies from a heart attack at the age of 65.

Was Desmond Miles real?

  • Unfortunately, the answer is no. Desmond Miles is a fictional character that is part of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Like you, anonymous OP, I too wish Desmond were a real person and not just fictitious. However, Desmond is modeled after a person in real life.

Is Desmond Miles alive?

  • Desmond Miles IS alive along with Clay Kaczmarek. It's written in the SECURITY BREACH MEMO in AC Unity files. You can checkout my article on my page (link in signature) and in the comments section, there's even a screenshot of the memo, which is shown in the video. I just hope that they just expand on that in the upcoming games.

How did Desmond Miles die?

  • On Novem, Desmond died at age 71 of a heart attack in Los Angeles, California. He is interred at the Chapel of the Pines Crematory , Los Angeles.

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