Is Diabolik lovers a otome game?


Is Diabolik lovers a otome game?

Is Diabolik lovers a otome game?

Diabolik Lovers is classified as an otome game, where the player takes the role of the main female character, Yui Komori (name is changeable) who can choose from a variety of male characters as her love interest. ... There are three possible endings for each character.

What kind of game is Diabolik lovers?

Diabolik Lovers
ディアボリックラヴァーズ (Diaborikku Ravāzu)
GenreDrama, harem, Mystery, Horror, Romance
Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal

Is Diabolik lovers a free game?

You can watch "Diabolik Lovers" for free on CrunchyRoll (click here or download the application) or on (be careful, this one sometimes has questionable advertisements and a bunch of pop-ups, and Putlocker websites might not always be completely reliable / completely secure ...

Is Diabolik lovers a anime?

Diabolik Lovers is an anime series adapted from the visual novel of the same name. Zexcs handles its production and from one of their more recent notorious series known as Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil), it's their chance to step up to the plate again.

What happened to Diabolik Lovers?

The last show called Diabolik Lovers: Lost Eden, that aired on Febru, in Japan, and on Rejet, on the other hand, has no intention of wrapping the game franchise. This in a way leaves the door open for the creators to use the material and content in order to create another season for the craving fans.

What did Cordelia do Laito?

It was also revealed that Cordelia had an affair with Karl's brother, Richter and would sometimes give him blood in front of Kanato as he played with his toys. She also had affair with her first son Laito. ... Laito pushed her off the balcony when she tried to ask him for help and then Kanato burned her body.

Is Diabolik lovers on mobile?

Diabolik Lovers On Mobile || a mini blog. Make gifs, join group chats, find your community. Only in the app.

Can I play Diabolik lovers on PS4?

DIABOLIK LOVERS GRAND EDITION with reservation privilege (drama CD) - PS4.

Who is the heroine in the game Diabolik Lovers?

  • Yui Komori (小森 ユイ, Komori Yui) is the heroine of the game Diabolik Lovers . Yui has curly shoulder length platinum blonde hair with locks of her hair on the left said tied with a flower pin. Her eyes are a shade of pastel red.

Are there any new Diabolik Lovers games coming out?

  • In 2017 it was announced the first three games would be brought out on PlayStation 4. In 2018, a new game titled Diabolik Lovers: Chaos Lineage was announced and released in March 2019 on the Nintendo Switch. Thus far seven games have been released:

What do you think of Diabolik Lovers haunted dark bridal?

  • Otome Game Review: Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal | Leafさんの夢が。 。 。 If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How many sections are there in Diabolik Lovers?

  • In Diabolik Lovers, every playable character's route is split into three sections: Dark, Maniac and Ecstasy. Each of these three sections is split into a prologue, ten subsections, and an epilogue. There are three possible endings for each character based on your choices.

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