Who is the bad guy in under the dome?


Who is the bad guy in under the dome?

Who is the bad guy in under the dome?

Jim Rennie Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) plays Under The Dome's main villain Jim Rennie, the sheriff who just happens to run a big meth operation too. He appears friendly and affable on the surface but is shown to be quite cunning and ruthless when it comes to maintaining power.

What happened to Big Jim Rennie?

James Rennie, better known as Big Jim is a main antagonist in the novel....James Rennie Sr. (Novel)
James "Big Jim" Rennie
FamilyFrancine Rennie - Wife † Junior Rennie - Son †
Killed Victims4 killed
Cause of DeathHeart attack / asphyxiation

Why does Angie think the dome will fall?

  • Junior runs to find Big Jim in a panic and Norrie explains that she thinks the dome will fall after Big Jim dies, and the four of them are supposed to kill him. Angie believes the dome has stop communicating with them because they haven't killed Big Jim yet, but Joe says they can't and still believes that Barbie is the answer.

Who is Angie on the Chester's mill Memorial?

  • Angie's name is one of the many seen on the memorial of deceased Chester's Mill residents who perished under the dome. At the memorial, Joe talks about how "full of life" she was and that he loved her. A picture of when she was alive is seen.

Where was Angie McAlister when the Dome hit?

  • She was one of the four new hands. When the Dome hit, Angie was leaving Junior 's house , after having sex with him and deflecting his confessions of loving her and having a serious relationship with Junior. Angie was working when Big Jim made an announcement about the dome.

Who are the main characters in under the dome?

  • Angela "Angie" McAlister was a main character in CBS' Under the Dome. She was an aspiring nurse who lived in the town of Chester's Mill before her death, and worked as a waitress at the Sweetbriar Rose.

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