Is Beta hallucinating Walking Dead?


Is Beta hallucinating Walking Dead?

Is Beta hallucinating Walking Dead?

When Alpha died, Beta's personality evolved considerably. As well as honoring and respecting the undead, Beta began to hallucinate voices from them. Beta transcended from someone who wore the skin of the dead and walked among them to a villain who was truly at one with the zombies.

What episode is Beta in fear the walking dead?

"TWD" season 10, episode 13 confirmed Beta's mysterious identity when he was revealed to be a famous country singer before the zombie apocalypse. There have been teases on both "TWD" and spin-off "Fear TWD" about Beta's reveal you may have missed, including a record with Hurst's face on it.

Is Beta immune to walkers?

The Walking Dead: Beta is Seemingly Immune to Walker Attacks.

Is Beta still alive in the walking dead?

Beta met his end on Sunday's episode when he was killed by Daryl. Some fans may be frustrated that the scene between Negan, Daryl, and Beta — three fan favorites — was over before it really even began.

Who is supposed to be the walking dead Beta?

Beta is a fictional character in the comic book series The Walking Dead and the television series of the same name, where he was portrayed by Ryan Hurst. In both universes, Beta is the second-in-command of the Whisperers, serving as Alpha's right-hand man and after her death, becomes de facto leader of the Whisperers.

Why did Beta never show his face?

He Always Wore a Mask Even when Alpha and Lydia first encounter Beta, he wears a ski mask to hide his true identity. While it's not quite the same as wearing someone's dead skin on your face, it's telling that he always wanted to remain hidden.

Who is beta in 'The Walking Dead' comics?

  • In The Walking Dead comics, Beta is a loyal servant to Alpha and enforcer of her group. It is a group of savage survivors covered in zombie guts, walking around quietly and calling themselves the Whisperers. He claims a tall, daunting figure and does not ever hesitate to jam his knives into anyone he considers an enemy.

Who is beta on TWD?

  • Beta is a fictional character and a major antagonist in The Walking Dead comic series, the second-in-command of The Whisperers, and the right hand man of Alpha.

Who plays Beta TWD?

  • Ryan Hurst as Beta on The Walking Dead. Actor Ryan Hurst is joining The Walking Dead cast as Beta. He plays an important character that will have a huge impact on the show during the second half of Season 9.

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