Is Batman neutral good?


Is Batman neutral good?

Is Batman neutral good?

2 Batman/Bruce Wayne - Neutral Good Batman is generally good but he is a vigilante. Despite the fact that he helps eradicate crime in Gotham, the police consider him a vigilante who doesn't follow proper procedures. This disqualifies him from being lawful good and makes him neutral good.

Is neutral good better than chaotic good?

Neutral good characters will always attempt to work within the law, but sometimes recognize the need to disobey laws for the greater good. Chaotic good characters will never consider the law in any of their decisions. ... Neutral good characters will avoid lies, but the chaotic good character has no aversion.

Is neutral good or evil?

Neutral Good vs Neutral Evil A Neutral Good character will take the action that does the most good in the world, whereas, a Neutral Evil character will do what is best for themselves without a second thought for anyone else, or take the action that will spread as much Evil in the world as they can.

Can chaotic good steal?

The stereotype of the Chaotic Good character in D&D is basically Chaotic Neutral, but only towards jerks. ... Just because you're Chaotic doesn't mean you're stupid, although nearly everyone playing D&D has met a player who thinks that. Often, it isn't just a matter of stealing from acceptable targets.

Is Jack Sparrow chaotic neutral?

2 Jack Sparrow: Chaotic Neutral His character is always fun to watch and cannot be compared to anyone else in the franchise. ... While he is hardly evil, Jack is nowhere near good either. Underneath all the hilarity, he is still selfish and manipulative and seems to use every given opportunity to betray his allies.

What's the difference between Chaotic Good and neutral good?

  • Chaotic Good, Neutral Good, and Lawful Good In situations where goodness must be advanced in society, this is how characters of these different alignments may respond. The lawful good character will promote weal throughout society through increased legislation or a more powerful government.

Who is the neutral good in the Justice League?

  • Batman could fit as the Neutral Good, especially when looking at the word "Benefactor." However, more often than not, he sits on the side of the Chaotic Good character in the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignment. Batman is someone who lets his conscious drive him, although he is also analytical and brilliant as a detective.

Who are the neutral good characters in comics?

  • Neutral Good: Like Chaotic Good characters, Neutral Good people believe helping people and doing the right thing comes first. However, they don't mind working with the law or upholding the law if they believe that it helps in doing this.

Can a neutral character become a lawful evil?

  • Indeed, some Lawful Neutral characters can become so unsympathetic to the needs of others and so merciless in their ways of upholding the law that they can become Lawful Evil. True Neutral: Just that. Neutral. True Neutral people almost never take a side in the wars between good and evil, usually for one of several reasons.

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