How long will Battlefield 5 support?


How long will Battlefield 5 support?

How long will Battlefield 5 support?

The game sold 7.3 million copies by the end of 2018 but was a commercial disappointment for Electronic Arts. On Ap, it was announced that support for the game would continue until summer of 2020, when the game would receive its last major update.

Does Battlefield 5 still have support?

EA and DICE announced that they are ending support for Battlefield V, pushing the shooter into an early death amidst a content drought. EA and DICE have announced that they are ending support for Battlefield V after this summer's upcoming content update.

Is Battlefield 5 abandoned?

It is not the first time we have seen the game (or at least part of it) abandoned. The Battlefield answer to Battle Royale – Firestorm – was abandoned months after its release. ... BFV will continue to have weekly missions and we'll have some updates for Community Games to add more tools to the feature.”

Is Battlefield 5 or 1 better?

IMO, V is much better than 1. Battlefield 5 has some slightly better gameplay but not enough to warrant getting it over 1. 5 really does feel like they just made Battlefield 1 again but with less stuff.

Is Battlefield V still active in 2021?

Battlefield 5 is one of the popular first-person shooter video games in 2021. It's never been as popular as Apex Legends or Counter-Strike of course, but it's still a favorite among shooter game fans.

Is Battlefield 5 worth it?

  • According to the summary of most users review, Battlefield 5 is not worth its price. Users also said that the game has no major changes compared to the previous versions and that it is better to stick to the previous version if you really want to play them.

How many players are playing Battlefield 4?

  • Check out our verdict on Battlefield 1. According to Battlefield Tracker Network at the time of writing, Battlefield 4 has over 15,000 active players on PlayStation on Xbox One .

Are people still playing BF1?

  • The short answer is yes, plenty of people are still playing BF1- and more people return to BF1 from BFV everyday. See; The long answer is that BF1 is discounted, and its additional content is usually discounted frequently as well, so more and more new players are picking it up.

Is Battlefield 5 any good?

  • Battlefield 5 is a good game, but not a great one. The multiplayer can be great fun when you find the right server, and the single player shines a light on parts of World War 2 that aren’t in the public consciousness.

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