Quem é o elfo mais forte?


Quem é o elfo mais forte?

Quem é o elfo mais forte?

No entanto, Elrond é eclipsado por Galadriel, que O Silmarillionconfirma como o mais poderoso dos elfos. A lógica sugere que Saruman, o Maia, senta-se acima de Galadriel, o elfo, mas os bruxos são proibidos de mostrar sua força total, deixando espaço para interpretação.

Where did the name Legolas come from in Middle earth?

  • He was never seen again in Middle-earth. The name Legolas is a Silvan dialect form of pure Sindarin Laegolas, meaning 'green leaf'. It consists of Sindarin words laeg ("green") and golas ("a collection of leaves, foliage, being a prefixed collective form of las (s) "leaf").

Who is Legolas the son of in Game of Thrones?

  • As a son of the Elven-king Thranduil, who had originally come from Doriath, Legolas was at least half Sindarin Elf; his mother's identity is completely unknown. This is complicated by the fact that a small minority of Sindarin Elves ruled the predominantly Silvan Woodland Realm of Northern Mirkwood, a minority to which Legolas belonged.

What did Legolas do in the paths of the dead?

  • In Rohan, he and Gimli followed Aragorn, Elladan and Elrohir to the Paths of the Dead. His horse, Arod, refused to enter the paths, but Legolas calmed him. Their company rode on, with Elladan on the last, but Legolas turned back and saw the Dead following the Grey Company.

What did Legolas do during the fall of Boromir?

  • While the Fellowship was travelling over the River Anduin, he used his new bow to shoot a nearby Nazgûl with one masterful shot in the dark. Legolas and Aragorn sang a song of lament for the fall of Boromir. He led the rest of the Fellowship through Rohan when Merry and Pippin had been taken by the Uruk-hai.

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