O que acontece no final do filme Constantine?


O que acontece no final do filme Constantine?

O que acontece no final do filme Constantine?

A cena final de Constantine – não a alardeada final depois de todos os créditos, uma nulidade absoluta, mas a que aparece antes deles – é bem um exemplo do tom do filme: tendo passado todo o tempo sofrendo por conta de um câncer adquirido por causa do uso indiscriminado do tabaco, John, depois de mil peripécias, é ...

Quanto tempo Constantine ficou no inferno?

Porém ele fica tecnicamente morto por apenas dois minutos ("uma eternidade quando se está no inferno", diria ele) e é ressuscitado. A existência de Constantine na Terra é atormentada.

Quando John Constantine morre?

De volta, John foi para o bar beber. Ele, e as outras pessoas presentes na nave, foi morto quando uma onda de antimatéria destruiu a Waverider após todas as Terras do multiverso serem destruídas.

What kind of Angel is Gabriel in Constantine?

  • Gabriel is a half-breed angel -turned human, with a general disdain for humanity. Gabriel appears to be special, in that he must be a half-breed, because he exists on Earth (also, Constantine names him as such).

Who is the antagonist in the movie Constantine?

  • You're fucked. Gabriel is the main antagonist of 2005 American-German occult detective action film Constantine. Unlike his depiction in the Hellblazer comic series on which the film is based, the film's version of Gabriel is not a true angel: at present, an ongoing wager between God and Satan has barred pure angels and pure demons from Earth.

How did Gabriel tell Constantine he was going to Hell?

  • Still, Gabriel gets annoyed when he has to repeat himself, such as telling Constantine that saving people/deporting demons can't buy him a place in Heaven. Gabriel doesn't mince words, confirming that Constantine was going to die from lung cancer, and telling John in a straightforward way that he was going to Hell for the "life you took" (his own.)

What did Gabriel do to Chaz in Constantine?

  • Instead of resurrecting him as agreed, Gabriel scatters the remaining Balthazar-ash-bits to the wind, either deporting him, or likely, killing him. Gabriel's disdain for humans can be seen in the casual way he murders Chaz, invisibly and with overwhelming power.

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