Is Ezra on the dark side?


Is Ezra on the dark side?

Is Ezra on the dark side?

Ezra eliminated Grand Admiral Thrawn which ultimately was crippling for the Empire. ... Although Ezra was last seen disappearing into hyperspace, there is no reason to believe he's dead. However, he disappeared as a Jedi and there has been no indication at this point that he decided to turn to the Dark Side of the Force.

Is Ezra a Sith part?

After the death of his parents, Ezra is motivated to destroy the Sith and the Empire. This was part of his reasons for seeking out the Sith holocron after Yoda told Ezra to go to Malachor. ... The Inquisitors use the Dark Side of the Force in Rebels, but they are not Sith.

Is Ezra Bridger a GREY Jedi?

A lot of events happend with Ezra leading me to think nor will Ezra become a Jedi or Sith, but a Gray Jedi. ... In order to save Kanan from certain doom, Ezra who was still unskilled in the art of lightsaber training and The Force knew he had to help his master somehow.

What is Ezra's Sith name?

THE DARK TIMES. After the events on Malachor, Ezra opened and used the Sith holocron -- in secret. He was on a quest for more power, and would consult with the holocron for guidance. When Kanan discovered this, however, he took it away from his Padawan.

Is Ezra stronger than Luke?

Though remarkably powerful, Ezra Bridger is not the strongest Jedi. He barely rivals Grand Master Luke in terms of Force mastery, and he's far below the ranks of Yoda. ... Most of Ezra's strength lies in his skills as a fighter and leader.

How old is Cal Kestis Star Wars?

Cal was only 12 years old during the purge, which puts him at around 17 in the game. Historically, very few Padawans become Jedi Knights before the age of 20, but Cal's circumstances are quite different from Jedi living in the pre-Imperial days.

What did Ezra Bridger know about the Sith?

  • Ezra doesn’t know the Sith code is being recited to him, or any of the history of the Sith, but he does know that most Jedi don’t draw power from emotion.

How did Ezra and Kanan get the Sith Holocron?

  • Sometime later, Maul captured and held hostage the crew of the Ghost. Maul demanded that Ezra and Kanan return the Sith holocron to him. After returning to Atollon and recovering the holocron from the Bendu, both Jedi met with Maul at an outpost.

What did Ezra say to maul in Star Wars?

  • One of the most telling parts of their conversation is when Maul says that he is seeking revenge. Ezra insists that he is seeking justice instead, and Maul immediately agrees with him. The difference in their motivations, the difference between revenge and justice, does not matter to the Sith.

Who is the voice of Ezra in Star Wars Rebels?

  • Trivia He is the main protagonist of the series and is voiced by Taylor Gray. Ezra never left Lothal until Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion. As of Season 3, Ezra is seventeen and, in fact, the youngest member of the Ghost crew.

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