What episode does Snow and Emma return?


What episode does Snow and Emma return?

What episode does Snow and Emma return?

Emma and Henry return to Storybrooke in "New York City Serenade".

Do Emma and Snow get back to Storybrooke?

The Dec. 2 episode of Once Upon A Time finally delivered the reunion fans have been waiting for, as Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) returned to Storybrooke — but they didn't make the journey alone, and life in the real world is about to get real.

What happens to snow and charming with Emma gone?

  • With Emma gone, they may be able to work through their heartbreak by taking care of baby Neal. It was fun watching Snow and Charming become overwhelmed with baby responsibilities and work through them like good parents.

What happens to Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time season 7?

  • If 'Once Upon A Time' Season 7 Happens Without Emma Swan, Here's How They Could Make It Work. The May 7 musical episode of Once Upon A Time featured Emma finally reaching her happy ending by confronting the Black Fairy and marrying Hook with all of Storybrooke in attendance.

Why does Emma call snow mom in Once Upon a Time?

  • They also love each other but Emma does not call her "Mom" until the season 2 finale before they were about to die and she later calls Snow "Mom" in season three finale and foreword on. When she learns that her mother had sent Lily the daughter of Maleficent to the real world, Emma grows hurt and betrayed that both her parents lied to her.

Is there going to be snow and charming on Once Upon a Time?

  • Either way, it sounds like there may be opportunities for Snow and Charming to show up this year, but nothing has been decided on yet. What's interesting though is the confirmation that there are more familiar faces set to appear in the back half of the season.

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