Does Irene know Erza is her daughter?


Does Irene know Erza is her daughter?

Does Irene know Erza is her daughter?

The, in spite of her daughter's protests, Irene reveals that there is a secret to Erza's birth, and begins telling both her and Wendy her story, beginning back when she called the Queen of Dragons.

Is Wendy Erza and jellal daughter?

Esmeralda Scarlet is the daughter of Erza and Jellal....
Esmeralda Scarlet
Personal Status
Relative(s)Jellal Fernandes (father) Erza Scarlet (mother) Simon Scarlet (brother)

Who is Erza's dad?

Rung Rung (ラング Rangu) was the husband of Irene Belserion and the father of Erza Scarlet.

Is Erza a mother?

It's been teased here and there with the "Scarlet" in her title, but in the latest episode of the series it's revealed that Irene Belserion the Scarlet Despair is actually Erza's mother.

What is Erza real name?

Full Name: Erza Scarlet.

Who is killed in Irene vs Erza battle?

  • Irene Belserion forfeits the battle. Erza Scarlet is grievously injured. Wendy Marvell is grievously injured. Irene Belserion is killed. Erza Scarlet & Wendy Marvell vs. Irene Belserion is a fight fought between the S-Class Fairy Tail Mage Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail Mage Wendy Marvell and Spriggan 12 Irene Belserion .

What's the name of Erza's mother in Fairy Tail?

  • During the Alvarez Empire arc, we learn Erza’s mother is actually Irene Belserion, a woman who was the Queen of Dragons four hundred years ago. Irene helped create Dragon Slayer magic to fight against invading dragons from another country, but it gradually changed her into a dragon as well,...

How did Wendy enchant Erza to fight Irene?

  • Wendy enchants Erza with Deus Eques and even negates Irene's countermeasure, which allows Erza to approach Irene and strike the Spriggan with both her swords joined together.

Who is the daughter of Jellal and Erza?

  • Esmeralda Scarlet. Esmeralda Scarlet is the daughter of Erza and Jellal. Appearance. Esmeralda appears much like her mother. She shares her strong build and body, as well as her scarlet red hair.

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