Is vaporeon the best Eevee evolution?


Is vaporeon the best Eevee evolution?

Is vaporeon the best Eevee evolution?

The Water-type Vaporeon is among the strongest Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution in our Pokemon Go Tier List, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon and Umbreon to name the rest.

Why vaporeon is the best Eeveelution?

In terms of stats, Vaporeon has the highest HP among any of the Eevee evolutions. It is weak to grass and electric types, as expected for a water type Pokemon. It is strong against steel, fire, water, and ice Pokemon. At higher levels, it learns the moves Water Pulse, Aurora Beam, and Hydro Pump.

Which Eeveelution is the second best?

Vaporeon Vaporeon is the second best Eevee evolution that can do a lot of cool things for your team.

Which Eeveelution is the fastest?

Jolteon and Espeon are the two fastest Eeveelutions. Jolteon has a base speed of 130, and Espeon has a base speed of 110.

Is vaporeon better than gyarados?

Vaporeon Is Better Than Gyarados On Offense: But you don't even need to go there. Due to Vaporeon's bulk, it has a higher total damage output than Gyarados when dealing neutral damage due to its superior bulk. Before it faints, Vaporeon can be expected to deal 14% more damage to a neutral target than Gyarados.

Is vaporeon better than jolteon?

So why do you want a Vaporeon? ... Flareon has better attack stats at 238 and slightly better defense (at 178), but its Stamina is half that of Vaporeon. Jolteon is lagging far behind, with an attack of 192, a defense of 174, and stamina of 130 — which gives it no advantage over the other two evolutions.

Why is Flareon the worst Eeveelution?

Okay, so I googled what is the worst eeveelution, and the Internet as a whole agrees that it's flareon. The main reasons is that flareon has a better base attack stat than special attack, but only one physical fire attack(fire fang) Couldn't you just get an Eevee with a nature that would raise its special attack?

What is the least popular Eeveelution?

Least Favorite Eeveelution?

  • Vaporeon. Votes: 8 10.4%
  • Jolteon. Votes: 14 18.2%
  • Flareon. Votes: 16 20.8%
  • Espeon. Votes: 3 3.9%
  • Umbreon. Votes: 7 9.1%
  • Leafeon. Votes: 15 19.5%
  • Glaceon. Votes: 14 18.2%

Which is a better Pokemon Vaporeon or Espeon?

  • Vaporeon, Espeon or Umbreon? Hey all, I'm about to play Soul Silver for the first time (Gen 2 was my favorite). In Gen 2 I almlost always went with Umbreon, its just a great pokemon. But Vaporeon remains my favorite eveelution and has a good moveset.

Which is better a Jolteon or a Vaporeon?

  • Espeon or Vaporeon (powerful glass cannon or more time consuming bulky attacker) Jolteon (again, until Zapdos exists in literally 2 weeks) Where is Flareon then? At least until Raid bosses rotate, there's not a lot of use for fire types right now. If we get more grass type raid bosses, then sure.

Which is the better Pokemon Jolteon or Espeon?

  • Sylveon did not exist in 2010! Jolteon is for more speed and Espeon is for more special attack. Espeon also better as a lead thanks to Magic bounce giving him the ability to reflect stealth-rock and other entry hazards.

Which is better Espeon or Umbreon in SoulSilver?

  • Well each poke has its own type. Umbreon- better as a tank, but only in online play. As a special sweeper it's better in single player. Espion- Speed and Special all around. No contest. As per moves, here's the different sets for different types.

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