Who is Emma Frost's love interest?


Who is Emma Frost's love interest?

Who is Emma Frost's love interest?

Cyclops Despite the criticism from their teammates and family members, Cyclops and Emma Frost become romantic lovers/sweethearts, and the two take over the school after Professor Xavier steps down; Emma becomes co-headmistress with Cyclops and adviser to a new team of Hellions.

Does Emma Frost like Scott?

For most of the 21st century, Cyclops has had one love and that's Emma Frost. After Jean Grey's death in New X-Men #150, Scott and Emma gave into the attraction that had been brewing between them and took their relationship to the next level.

Who is Emma Frost boyfriend?

Cyclops NamorIron Man Emma Frost/Companheiros

Why did Emma Frost and Cyclops break up?

This milestone issue will be his final word on classic and new mutants he created. Bendis inherited “broken” super couple Scott Summers and Emma Frost after the tragic events of Avengers vs. X-Men. Cyclops and Frost broke up and their powers were broken.

Who kills Emma Frost?

To her surprise, he proceeded to invite her to rise in the ranks and rid the club of those who were a threat to mutants. After Shaw chose Emma over two other women and brutally murdered them in front of her, their union was official.

Who is more powerful Jean Grey or Emma Frost?

  • Emma had the power of the Phoenix in Endsong, while Jean was using none, and Jean blasted her and removed the Phoenix with gesture. When it's all said and done Jean has not been the second and most powerful telepath on Earth by having less skill than Emma. Jean Grey wins in every scenario.

What kind of powers does Emma Frost have?

  • Emma Frost : Mental bolts, Memory Alteration, Telepathy, Mind reading / Mind-control, illusion-Casting, Astral-projection, Induced paralysis, defensive ability to shape-shift into Diamond form.

Why was Emma Frost chosen to host the Phoenix?

  • Aside from using her telekinesis, her power-set placed her ahead of Charles who is considered the world most powerful telepath and that was before Phoenix. She like her daughter is an Omega level mutant that is the reason why she was chosen to host the Phoenix.

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