What type of game is epic seven?


What type of game is epic seven?

What type of game is epic seven?

Epic Seven is a mobile RPG for iOS and Android that features high-quality, anime-styled 2D graphics. Gameplay includes a gacha summoning system and turn-based combat with a wide array of collectible characters.

Is Epic seven a Japanese game?

[Novem] Epic Seven, a turn-based mobile RPG developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport, has announced its successful launch in Japan following its appearance among the ranks of the top-grossing games in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Is Epic seven an anime or a game?

Epic Seven is a stunning 2D mobile RPG, where anime-inspired characters and visuals come to life like never before. The world of the gods is in a never ending cycle of war.

What is the epic seven anime?

Try anime-inspired freemium game Epic Seven, which delivers great visuals and a fun story. You play as Ras Elclare, the Heir of the Covenant, who is destined to defend the world from the Archdemon.

Is Epic Seven worth playing?

Our personal opinion is that it is definitely worth it. If you are someone that enjoys the (amazing) art style of Epic Seven, as well as the mechanics of the game, then we believe that you will find the rewards to be worth the effort you put into earning them. ... It's the necessary evil of the game.

How popular is epic seven?

At the moment, Epic Seven has over 1 million installs on Google Play alone… Epic Seven was developed by a South Korean video game developer, Super Creative, and published by Smilegate Megaport, a video game publisher from South Korea.

How many download does epic seven have?

Support URL:Smilegate Megaport Support
Developer Website:Smilegate Megaport
Country Release Date:18
Worldwide Release Date:18

Is Epic 7 GOOD?

Verdict. Epic Seven is probably one of the most story-rich Hero Collecting RPGs… While not being too different from other Gachas when it comes to basic gameplay and combat, Epic Seven is probably one of the most story-rich Hero Collecting RPGs on the mobile market.

Is there a mobile game called epic seven?

  • Epic Seven is a mobile game for the Android and iOS platforms. It features real-time battles and recruitable characters. "And thus began the 7th World... and once again gave shape to the Guardians and the Heir of the Covenant.

Is there a gacha system in King's raid?

  • There is no gacha system in King’s Raid but it is a hero collector. You can purchase any of the heroes you want by using free premium currency. You can also temporarily hire heroes from the inn. King’s Raid gacha game like Epic Seven has a robust equipment system that is the main source of increasing your team’s power.

What are some of the best mobile gacha games?

  • Exos Heroes is one of the prettiest looking 3D mobile gacha games on this list. The story follows a treasure hunter who is a captain of an airship. You explore various fantastical locations and meet various endearing characters. The gacha system features special Fate Core heroes which are alternate reality versions of themselves.

Who are the characters in the epic seven?

  • Recruitable characters Achates Achates Adlay Ainos Ains Aither Alencia Alexa Angelica Angelica Aramintha Armin Armin Arowell Azalea Baal & Sezan Baiken Basar Basar Bask Bellona Bellona Brinus Butcher C. Carmainerose ...

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