Will Zoro get Shusui back?


Will Zoro get Shusui back?

Will Zoro get Shusui back?

Due to his possession of the sword, Zoro was accused of being behind a series of attacks and was sentenced to commit seppuku, while Toyama Tsujigiro, a corrupt magistrate, took Shusui for himself. Zoro managed to identify the magistrate as the real culprit and struck him down, regaining Shusui.

Is Enma a cursed sword?

Enma is one of the two blades that belonged to the legendary samurai, Kozuki Oden of Wano. Along with Ame no Habakiri, this sword is said to be a match for even the likes of Shusui, wielded by Shimotsuki Ryuma. ... As such, there's no doubt that Enma could possibly be a cursed sword.

Who is Zoro's strongest opponent?

6 Strongest Enemies Whom Zoro Defeated in One Piece!

  • Scratchmen Apoo. Apoo's cowardice at times like suddenly running away when the enemy is too strong, sometimes makes him a weak fighter. ...
  • Daz Bones. Daz Bones is not an easy enemy for Zoro to deal with. ...
  • Kaku. ...
  • Ryuma. ...
  • Pica. ...
  • Killer.

What swordsman are stronger than Zoro?

Currently, Dracule Mihawk is the strongest swordsman in the world. The last time he and Zoro dueled, the latter couldn't even put up a fight. While Zoro has polished his skills and grown a lot more powerful since then, it is too early for him to even think about defeating Mihawk.

Can Zoro beat Kuina?

Zoro fought Kuina regularly but found that after 2000 fights, he could never beat her. Zoro challenged her into fighting with real swords, in which she used her family's Meito Wado Ichimonji. Kuina had concluded that Zoro would soon pass her in skill and strength.

Can Zoro beat T Bone?

T Bone is defeated by Zoro. ... Zoro's blow destroyed T Bone's blade and knocked him into the sea as the Rocketman sped down the tracks.

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