Is Elena related to Katherine?


Is Elena related to Katherine?

Is Elena related to Katherine?

Elena Gilbert is a fictional character and protagonist from the television series The Vampire Diaries. ... It is revealed that Elena is a Petrova Doppelgänger, which is thus responsible for her being identical to her ancestor, Katherine Pierce (née Katerina Petrova).

Is Elena Alaric's daughter?

Isobel Flemming was the wife of Alaric Saltzman and the biological mother of Elena Gilbert. She was good friends with her ancestor Katherine Pierce, a vampire she often conspired with. When Isobel was still in high school, she met John Gilbert and became pregnant with Elena.

What was the relationship between Elena and Katherine?

  • Elena: Kicking someone while they're down. Classy til the end, Katherine. Katherine: Your end! The relationship between the cured vampire / human doppelgänger , Elena Gilbert and the cured vampire/witch doppelgänger, Katherine Pierce .

Who are Elena and Katherine on the Vampire Diaries?

  • On The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce hate each other, but the women share a special link, both magically and genetically. On The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev's Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce share more than just looks: the two are also members of the Petrova family.

How is Elena related to the Petrova family?

  • Being Isobel's biological daughter, Elena is therefore a descendant of Katherine Pierce, to whom she bears a striking physical resemblance. This is the initial reason why both Stefan and Damon Salvatore were so drawn to her. Elena is also a descendant of Tatia, the Original Petrova.

When did Katherine give birth to her daughter?

  • Before meeting Klaus Mikaelson and becoming a vampire, Katherine gives birth to a daughter in 149o. Katherine's father gives the baby away. Presumably, this child grows up and keeps the Petrova bloodline going after Klaus murders Katherine's family in 1492.

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