Is Eleven Terry's daughter?


Is Eleven Terry's daughter?

Is Eleven Terry's daughter?

Terry is Eleven's biological mother yet she is not her legal guardian due to her mental state being destroyed when she attempted to get her daughter back from Hawkins National Laboratory. She is portrayed by Aimee Mullins.

Who is 11s real dad in Stranger things?

Brenner really is Eleven's biological father. In Seasons 1 and 2, pieces of Eleven's origin story started coming together. Viewers learned that Eleven's (played by Millie Bobby Brown) real name was Jane and that Dr.

Is eleven and Hopper related?

Chief Hopper was an ally of Eleven and later became her adoptive father.

Does eleven meet her mom?

Throughout season 1, Eleven remained under the impression she was a motherless child, but by the end of season 2 she finally meets her mother Terry Ives (Aimee Mullins) who has reached a permanent state of amnesia where she does not even remember being pregnant, and can only be heard muttering some words and numbers.

What happens to Jim Hopper's daughter in Stranger Things?

  • Not even if you paid me...and it actually mattered. In season 3, Jim Hopper’s daughter (not Eleven) comes up a few times. First, when Joyce (Winona Ryder) is trying to encourage open communication between Hopper (David Harbour) and El (Millie Bobby Brown).

Is it true that eleven is Hopper's daughter?

  • It's a scene that hints Hopper and Eleven will meet again, and that he may even step into the role of her father. Although, some fans have speculated that Eleven is Hopper's daughter. Since Hopper has met Eleven and he didn't seem to recognize her, it's hard to believe that she's the daughter he lost — although, not completely out of the question.

When did Jim Hopper write his letter to eleven?

  • Hopper's letter. Hopper's Letter. Type. During the summer of 1985, Jim Hopper wrote a letter for the "heart to heart" speech he was going to give to his adopted daughter Eleven after being concerned of the burgeoning intimate relationship between her and Mike Wheeler.

What's the meaning of Hopper's bracelet in Stranger Things?

  • "Stranger Things" star David Harbour revealed the meaning behind the bracelet Hopper wore for two seasons before giving it over to Eleven. The bracelet is actually his late daughter's hair tie. "It becomes a thing that's like a security blanket for him, it's a reminder for him," Harbour told INSIDER.

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