Is Dr Strange more powerful?


Is Dr Strange more powerful?

Is Dr Strange more powerful?

Doctor Strange is officially more powerful than Odin. In the comics, the line of Sorcerers Supreme began 1,000,000 years ago with a mystical being named Agamotto. He served alongside a group of proto-Avengers, driving back demonic threats and helping ensure the human race had a future.

What does Dr Strange use the eye of Agamotto for?

  • Dr. Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto when performing magic. Here are 10 facts Marvel fans never knew about it. The Eye of Agamotto is one of the most powerful magical artifacts in the Marvel Universe. Granted to Doctor Strange by the Ancient One, it is one of the Sorcerer Supreme's greatest weapons.

Who is stronger Doctor Strange or the Ghost Rider?

  • While it is unlikely, should Johnny Blaze close the gap on Doctor Strange and engage him in a physical fight, the Ghost Rider would win with ease. In addition to Johnny's experience in fistfights, he has his flaming chain and the super-strength of the Ghost Rider. Despite all of this, Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme.

Which is an example of Dr.Strange's power?

  • A recent example is Dr. Strange's resurrecting of Las Vegas after the devastation it suffered from Hydra. This ended up turning on Strange, as Mephisto took control over the city and Strange also resurrected the dead souls of the city.

Who are more powerful magic users than Doctor Strange?

  • Here are 15 Magic Users More Powerful Than Doctor Strange. Of course, we have to start with the granddaddy of wizardry. There have been more depictions of Merlyn than perhaps any other magic user in history, and as one would expect from such a storied and magical figure, all of these stories vary quite a bit.

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