Is Chanyeol still married?


Is Chanyeol still married?

Is Chanyeol still married?

Who is Chanyeol wife? The EXO group member is currently not married. ... He was dating Kwak Saebyul, but their relationship ended when he officially became an EXO member.

Is Chanyeol currently single?

He has no children. } Chanyeol is currently single, according to our records. Chanyeol became the last Exo member to be officially introduced to the public on Febru.

Does Chanyeol like Sandara Park?

Interview: EXO's Chanyeol Likes Sandara Park in Yes Magazine Interview.

Who in exo is married?

EXO's Chen and new wife welcome their first child after marriage in January.

Is Chen still with EXO?

EXO Jongdae aka Chen has been on a hiatus since he announced enlisting for the military after marrying a non-celebrity person in 2020. ... The singer started his military service in October 2020 and will be back by tentatively April 2022.

Why did Chanyeol leave the Korean group Exo?

  • However, given SM Entertainment’s previous decision to keep member Chen in the group, the agency may opt to let Chanyeol continue to be a member of EXO. Last January, Chen announced that he was getting married and that his girlfriend was pregnant. This caused an uproar with a group of Korean fans demanding that he should leave EXO.

Is it true that Chen from Exo got married?

  • SM Entertainment announced its position in February to say that Chen will be staying on as a member of the group even after he got married, a decision that other EXO members supported. “Before officially announcing Chen’s marriage, we carefully discussed with the other members.

How old is Park Chanyeol from Exo?

  • Chanyeol was born on Novem in Seoul, South Korea. His parents name are not known. He has an older sister who is a news reporter. He was enrolled into a private acting school, at the age of 16. He formed a temporary band, in high school. In 2008, he joined SM Entertainment through the SM Casting System.

Is there going to be a change in Exo?

  • Because EXO had to suffer from the members’ departure, they expressed their wish to stay together in the future without any changes. We also respect their opinions and would like to inform you that there is no change in EXO’s current lineup,” the agency said, according to Osen.

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