Who is more popular in Korea EXO or BTS?


Who is more popular in Korea EXO or BTS?

Who is more popular in Korea EXO or BTS?

It's difficult to establish which boy band is more popular, as their popularity varies from country to country. However, it's thought that EXO is more popular in South Korea, whilst BTS is popular internationally. Nevertheless, it's undeniable that both groups have taken the world by storm.

Is BTS better than EXO?

Visuals-Now BTS does have some good looking members like Jin,Jungkook and V but if we see from K-Pop point of view EXO members fit the beauty standard better. ... Vocals-While EXO have some smooth honey like vocals BTS have more of a breathy tone which brings you comfort so I guess both of them are equal in this criteria.

Who is richer EXO or BTS?

According to online sources, EXO is the wealthiest group, with an estimated net worth of a staggering $1 billion. However, the reliability of this figure is questionable. BTS, on the other hand, is reported to be worth $60 million.

Which group is popular BTS or EXO?

Let's find out which K-pop band is the richest However, with its amazing music creations and performers, it became popular worldwide. With that, several bands became popular in the world with time. Two of them are BTS and EXO. BTS is however is one of the most popular, but EXO is no less.

Who's more talented BTS or EXO?

Both EXO and BTS have their own unique concepts, and obviously, their members are multi-talented. ... EXO has been declared as one of the most influential celebrities by Korean Forbes magazine, every year from 20. Meanwhile, BTS are the first K-Pop band that has won the Billboard Music Award two times.

Who is the richest K-pop band?

They are currently under Big Hit Music, a subsidiary of HYBE Corporation. While the solo activities of BTS' members are lesser compared to other groups, they are still regarded as the richest K-pop group of 2021 owing to their contribution towards the success of their label and the South Korean economy.

Why is BTS more popular than Exo in Korea?

  • Some may think that EXO was a group of good-guys-gone-bad which their lyrics and styles in music reflect on their personalities while BTS is formed by a small company and a group of underdogs. Secondly, EXO is considered to be the most popular K-Pop group in Korea and received the title 'The Nation's Pick.'

Who is the lead rapper in EXO and BTS?

  • Maybe you have already seen the picture above, they are BTS’ RM and EXO’s Chanyeol. Yes, both of them are the main rapper of their band, respectively, BTS and EXO! EXO’s Chanyeol is the main rapper in EXO, while EXO’s Sehun is the lead rapper. EXO’s Chanyeol has a charismatic deep voice, which is good for being a rapper!

Why is BTS the most popular boy band?

  • Most of the Bangtan Boys which include Suga and RM was working on having their lyrics which can help the people who listen to it knows their emotions and personalities through their music. BTS is also recognized as one of the most successful boy bands in the whole world.

Who is the best singer in Exo band?

  • EXO’s Chen is famously known as the best singer in EXO, and one of the best features of his voice that he can sing very high notes really well. EXO’s Baekhyun also has a great voice, he can sing really well, regardless if it for a recording, or if it is a stage performance while dancing.

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