Is Dragon Ball going to be Cancelled?


Is Dragon Ball going to be Cancelled?

Is Dragon Ball going to be Cancelled?

Toei Animation has been clear about not having plans yet about the return of “Dragon Ball Super” as an anime series. But fans should not worry yet because, technically, the studio also has not canceled the show.

Is anime ban in USA?

While the United States has not banned the anime, most versions are censored.

Why was the last episode of Dragon Ball Super cancelled?

  • More to the point: Dragon Ball Super has been building up to this "Universal Survival Saga" storyline since the series began, and it seemed as though there was some kind of game-changing purpose that would revealed in the Tournament of Power. With this sudden stoppage, fans have every right to wonder: was Dragon Ball Super actually canceled?

Is there going to be another Dragon Ball Super?

  • Ratings for Dragon Ball Super 's Japanese airings, English Sub streams, and Dub series run on Toonami have all brought in big ratings for Toei, and has made the brand stronger than ever. There's also the fact that we already have indication that plans are in place for something to follow Super as the next Dragon Ball anime series.

How many episodes of Dragon Ball Super are there?

  • Dragon Ball Super has delivered nearly 150 episodes since premiering in 2015, and there's been some very public accounts of how strenuous that demand has actually been.

Why is Dragon Ball Super on a hiatus?

  • Dragon Ball Super could actually be getting the literal "hiatus" that was initially teased, so that the creative team actually has a chance to recharge their batteries before jumping into the whatever the next planned series is.

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