What does E stand for Honda?


What does E stand for Honda?

What does E stand for Honda?

Edmond Honda E. Honda
E. Honda (Edmond Honda) (エドモンド 本田)
Fighting styleSumo

What engine does Street Fighter 5 use?

Unreal Engine 4 As of Septem, its accumulated sales reached 5.0 million, making it the 2nd best selling Street Fighter game on home consoles according to Capcom's Platinum fiscal report....
Street Fighter V
EngineUnreal Engine 4
Platform(s)PlayStation 4 Microsoft Windows Arcade

What does E Honda throw?

Executed by performing a quarter-forward circle motion and pressing kick, E. Honda simply tosses salt in the opponent's direction. The move is designed as a "taunt attack" that does minimal damage, similar to Dudley's rose-throwing taunt, which also gained its own move.

Who is E Honda in Street Fighter IV?

  • E. Honda is a playable character in Street Fighter IV. Here he has almost reached the official promotion to Yokozuna, a very high level in sumo. In Street Fighter V, E. Honda reopens his bathhouse. This character was added with Season 4, so you can get him only in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

Who are the main characters in Street Fighter 2?

  • Street Fighter II Characters The World Warrior Blanka · Chun-Li · Dhalsim · E. Honda · ... Champion Edition Balrog · M. Bison · Sagat · Vega Super Cammy · Dee Jay · Fei Long · T. Hawk Turbo Akuma Ultra Evil Ryu · Shin Akuma · Violent Ken

Who is the sumo wrestler in Street Fighter?

  • Yoisho!?)" Edomondo Honda?), more commonly known as E. Honda, is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter II. He is an honorable champion Sumo wrestler that values tradition. E. Honda was designed by Eri "Erichan" Nakamura and Akira Yasuda. He was initially named "Sumo".

Why is Honda called Fujinoyama in Street Fighter?

  • As his initial name implies, Honda is meant to have above average strength, but below average speed. The developers intended for the character to be popular in Japan, but to also make Japanese fighting styles appeal to foreigners. Honda's shikona for sumo is mentioned as " Fujinoyama ."

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