How bad is Dragonball: Evolution?


How bad is Dragonball: Evolution?

How bad is Dragonball: Evolution?

Dragonball: Evolution is generally criticized for its awful acting, laughable dialogue, bad CGI and editing, confusing story, etc. But, probably worst of all, the movie just did not "feel" like a Dragon Ball movie. ... And that is what was most frustrating with the movie.

Is Dragonball: Evolution the worst movie ever?

When fans finally saw the live-action adaptation, they were outraged. Instead of a beloved ode to one of their favorite shows, they received a mockery of a timeless classic. As a result, Dragonball: Evolution went down in history as one of the worst movies and adaptations ever made.

Will there be a Dragonball: Evolution 2?

The original film was so poorly received that even if it had performed well financially, Dragonball Evolution 2 still may not have happened. In the years since the filmmakers and even creator Akira Toriyama have acknowledged the movie just didn't work, so it's best a follow-up was cancelled.

Is Dragonball: Evolution canon?

The answer is that Dragon Ball has no official “canon”. Nobody, not Toei Animation, not Shueisha, not even Toriyama himself has ever went out and said what parts of the franchise are part of the the main story and what parts are what-if nonsense.

Did Toriyama hate evolution?

In a recent interview with Asahi Shimbun Digital, Toriyama had this to say about the film: ... Akira Toriyama hates Dragonball Evolution as much as everyone else did. Now, fans can just let the film fade into void.

Who made Dragonball Evolution?

Stephen Chow
Dragonball Evolution
Directed byJames Wong
Screenplay byBen Ramsey
Based onDragon Ball by Akira Toriyama
Produced byStephen Chow

What was the problem with Dragon Ball evolution?

  • The basic premise of the film is a very loose adaptation of the original Dragon Ball 's King Piccolo saga, but almost every element feels unfamiliar. In terms of making changes for the sake of being different, Dragonball Evolution is a prime culprit.

How is the movie Dragon Ball evolution rated?

  • Dragonball Evolution is reviled by fans and has a 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Fans of anime and pop culture consider it to be the lowest benchmark by which live-action adaptations of anime and comics are compared. When a bad movie comes out, people say, ‘Hey, at least it wasn’t as bad as Dragonball Evolution!’

What's the difference between Dragonball and Dragonball Evolution?

  • Even the title Dragonball: Evolution shows how little the movie cares for fidelity to the source material, writing the name as one word rather than two. The film instead tried to turn a fantasy martial arts series into, essentially, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man .The problem is this mentality defies everything about the original.

Is there going to be a live action Dragon Ball?

  • A cinematic interpretation of Dragon Ball was something many had been crying out for and the eventual realization of that wish sent waves of anticipation throughout the western anime community. Of course, Dragonball Evolution ended up being infamously bad and arguably popularized the notion that live-action anime adaptations were doomed to fail.

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