Why was Dragon Ball GT removed from canon?


Why was Dragon Ball GT removed from canon?

Why was Dragon Ball GT removed from canon?

It's technically cannon only to the anime and only fully canon to the old anime continuity. The only reason why people say GT Isn't at all cannon is because there's no manga for it the dragon ball ended with the end of Z/buu arc. parts of it still can exist while other parts contradicts the current continuity.

Is Dragon Ball Super and GT connected?

Dragon Ball Super is the official sequel to Dragon Ball Z, supplanting Dragon Ball GT and placing it out of continuity.

Is Dragon Ball GT bad?

Dragon Ball GT is one of the worst sequels of a successful franchise, but it had some pretty interesting aspects. As the successor of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, this 64 episode series had a lot of pressure on its shoulders; it was also the only installment of Dragon Ball that didn't have the back up of the manga.

Is Dragon Ball GT canonical?

  • Dragonball GT was not based on the Dragonball manga nor it was created by Akira Toriyama therefore, it should be regarded as non-canon just like all the Dragonball/Z movies. Many (most?) fans of the Dragonball series sees Dragonball GT as a horrible addition to the franchise.

Is Super Dragon Ball Heroes canon?

  • Super isn't even canon dude. The anime isn't. If there were levels of canon, Super Dragon Ball Heroes would be below a FighterZ match where Yamcha beats up Fused Zamasu. Super isn't even canon dude. The anime isn't. The anime is canon as well. Heroes thankfully is not. Broly is Canon,deal with it.

Is Dragon Ball Online canon?

  • Dragon Ball Online - A now defunct Korean MMO is canon until proven otherwise, the overall story and lore presented in the game was written by Toriyama himself, and while the whole story was never known to the public - Most if not all of the things from that game have yet to be contradicted thus, until proven non-canon, it shall be stay as canon.

Is DBS canon to the Dragonball manga?

  • Dragon Ball Super, in of itself, is in fact canon. The anime and manga adaptations are still continuations of DBZ, but they're just different tellings of it. They're both still considered canon ...

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