Is Dragon Age 2 longer than origins?


Is Dragon Age 2 longer than origins?

Is Dragon Age 2 longer than origins?

Dragon Age II's campaign is shorter than Dragon Age: Origins' – but it's longer than Mass Effect 2's. That's according to BioWare executive producer Mike Laidlaw, who told PlayStation Universe the fantasy role-playing sequel is beefed up by side quests.

Do you have to play Dragon Age: Origins before 2?

Nope! It's not the like Bioware's Mass Effect series, where your actions matter. DA2 is a whole new story, and DA:O. story has no significant impact on the DA2 story.

What's the difference between Dragon Age 2 and origins?

  • But many fans regard Dragon Age II as the "black sheep" of the game series. It diverted from the basic formula of Dragon Age which, at its most basic, is a story-driven and player-driven game that started with Dragon Age: Origins.

Which is better Dragon Age Origins or Inquisition?

  • Dragon Age origins definitely. Truly my all time favorite game and the first game where I got extremely attached to the characters and the world. I love all three but if I had to pick I'd go with Inquisition.

When did Mass Effect origins and Dragon Age come out?

  • The original Mass Effect released in 2007, while Origins followed in 2009 and then Mass Effect 2 in 2010. BioWare had ample time to review player reactions from these three games before releasing Dragon Age II in 2011.

Which is better Dragon Age I or Da2?

  • DA:I is a mix of the two, focusing on a smart, tactical story while injecting the action and sleek wit of DA2 into it. DA2 improves on DA:O in certain aspects, it depends on how you felt about DA:O. DA2 was developed by a totally different team and they were told to put most of their budget into flashy spells and effects.

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