Is Dragon Ball Super ever coming back?


Is Dragon Ball Super ever coming back?

Is Dragon Ball Super ever coming back?

Share this story The Dragon Ball franchise is heading back to movie theaters. During the Dragon Ball panel at San Diego Comic Con 2021, a collection of panelists working on the movie announced, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a new feature-length continuation of Dragon Ball Super, coming in 2022.

Is Dragon Ball Super anime over?

The Dragon Ball Super anime series may have ended its run back in March 2018, right after the conclusion of the Universal Survival arc in the 131st episode. However, Akira Toriyama's ongoing manga series has continued the anime story with two brand new arcs already released at this point.

Is there going to be a season 6 of Dragon Ball Super?

Watch Dragon Ball Super, Season 6 | Prime Video.

When is Dragon Ball Super returning?

  • According to reports released on Otaku Kart, the Dragon Ball Super series will be returning in Japan’s Spring season in April 2019. This means that there will only be a 12-month wait for episode 132 of Dragon Ball Super to air.

When will Dragon Ball Super release in US?

  • The anime will hit theaters Dec. 14, and will arrive in the US Jan. 16, 2019. Dragon Ball Super currently airs English dub on Adult Swim via Toonami Saturday evenings at 10:30 pm and is also available via Funimation and Amazon Video.

Will Broly return in Dragon Ball Super?

  • Broly Returns in Dragon Ball Super The Movie. It has been revealed that Broly is returning to the world of Dragon Ball. The upcoming film, which is titled Dragon Ball Super: Broly, will be hitting the big screen in Japan on December 14.

When does Dragon Ball Super end?

  • Dragon Ball Super (ドラゴンボール超スーパー, Doragon Bōru Sūpā) (commonly abbreviated as DBS) is the fourth anime installment in the Dragon Ball franchise, which ran from July 5th, 2015 to March 25th, 2018.

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