Does Courtney Ford play in supernatural?


Does Courtney Ford play in supernatural?

Does Courtney Ford play in supernatural?

Courtney Ford (b. J) is an American actress. ... In Supernatural, Ford portrayed Kelly Kline, the mother of Jack Kline, the new God. Ford also portrayed Mia Vallens who took the form of Kelly.

What ethnicity is Courtney Ford?

Actresses from Huntington Beach, California. Hispanic and Latino American actresses.

Who plays Jack's mom in supernatural?

Courtney Ford Courtney Ford (I)

Who are Courtney Ford's parents?

Terrell E. Ford Jeanine Ford Courtney Ford/Pais

Where is Courtney Ford from?

Orange County, California, United States Courtney Ford/Local de nascimento

Who is Courtney Ford, the actress on Dexter?

  • - Photo Gallery - IMDb As an actress on the rise, Courtney Ford shines equally bright in both comedic and dramatic roles. After a memorable arc on Showtime's Dexter, Ford was named one of the "Top Ten Faces to Watch on Television" by Variety. Her ability to take on diverse projects has set her career in motion.

What kind of characters does Courtney Ford play?

  • She is best known for her roles on television, such as playing Christine Hill on Dexter (2009), Portia Bellefleur on True Blood (2011), Lily on Parenthood (2012), Tonia Pyne on Murder in the First (2014), Kate Taylor on Revenge (2014), Kelly Kline on Supernatural (2016–2018) and Nora Darhk on Legends of Tomorrow (2017–present).

Who was Courtney Ford in the Vampire Diaries?

  • In the television series Criminal Minds, Courtney had Austin’s role in 2008. In 2010, she appeared as Vanessa Monroe in The Vampire Diaries. The following year, the actress played Suzy Green’s role in the series Hawaii Five-0. Courtney became famous for her role as Lily in the series Parenthood in 2012.

Who is Courtney Ford married to in real life?

  • Ford was born in Huntington Beach, California. She is married to actor Brandon Routh. The couple were engaged on Aug, after three years of dating, and married Novem, at El Capitan Ranch in Santa Barbara.

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