Who is stronger than Mr Manhattan?


Who is stronger than Mr Manhattan?

Who is stronger than Mr Manhattan?

When it comes to the Marvel Universe, the one character closest in comparison to Doctor Manhattan is the Silver Surfer. While Manhattan got his powers in a lab accident, Surfer was given the Power Cosmic from Galactus.

Is Dr. Manhattan one of the strongest?

Doctor Manhattan (Dr. Jonathan Osterman), often shortened to Dr. Manhattan or simply Manhattan, is a fictional character who appears in comics published by DC Comics. He is considered the most powerful superhero in comics because he possesses unlimited powers.

Who can beat Dr. Manhattan in Marvel?

The Living Tribunal is one of the characters that has beaten Thanos even with the Infinity Gauntlet in play. He's one of the most incredibly powerful characters that Marvel has ever created and really is a god within that universe. He's so powerful that he could probably defeat Dr Manhattan with ease.

Who is more powerful captain atom or Dr. Manhattan?

As powerful as Dr. Manhattan is, he is no match for Captain Atom. Dr. Manhattan is considered as one of the most powerful superheroes in DC.

Is Captain Atom dead?

His leaking power reaches critical mass, and Captain Atom dies in a massive nuclear explosion that destroys several nearby satellites and badly injures Wonder Woman but fails to kill Superman.

Who is more powerful Mxy or Dr Manhattan?

  • And Manhattan is stated to be more powerful than Mxy and even Mxy agrees to it. Dr Manhattan (Watchmen) Did you even read that story? Smh. Mxy never defeated the Ultimator.

Why does Doctor Manhattan have a weakness to tachyons?

  • There is also the fact that Doctor Manhattan does have a weakness to tachyons, and the Infinity Gauntlet theoretically offers access to similar faster-than-light particles that hypothetically exist outside of the laws of physics. However, there is another interesting dynamic to a battle between Thanos and Doctor Manhattan.

Who are the characters that could take down Dr Manhattan?

  • 20 Characters Who Could Take Down Dr. Manhattan. 1 20 SPECTRE. In the world of Watchmen, there is no one that can hold a candle to Doctor Manhattan. However, since he is now in the DC Universe, he is ... 2 19 GALACTUS. 3 18 MOLECULE MAN. 4 17 DARKSEID. 5 16 DARK PHOENIX. More items

What's the difference between Dr Manhattan and the Spectre?

  • However, since he is now in the DC Universe, he is now a spectacular and overpowered being in a world full of superpowered beings. With that said, while Manhattan has the powers of a god -- as he has shown in Doomsday Clock -- the difference is that the Spectre is God.

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