Who should Dorian GREY be?


Who should Dorian GREY be?

Who should Dorian GREY be?

Dorian Gray was clearly based on a living person, a member of Wilde's literary homosexual circle in the early 1890s when the story was first published. If Wilde's fiction is strange, the real life story of John Gray, Dorian's original, is even more bizarre.

Does Dorian mean GREY?

Judging from this fact, the name 'Dorian' represents the relationship of Wilde and John Gray, an older man teaches tips of life to his innocent young lover.

Was Dorian GREY narcissistic?

Dorian's narcissism stems from a stunning portrait of him, painted by his friend, Basil Hallward, who is inspired by Dorian's exquisite features. ... Dorian's obsession with his youth and beauty is fully realized when he wishes that the portrait of him would grow old and ugly, while he remains young and attractive.

Is Dorian Gray a psychopath?

In the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, both the characters of Lord Henry Wooton and Dorian Gray are strongly narcissistic.

Who is Dorian Gray in the picture of Dorian Gray?

  • Dorian Gray is a fictional character and the protagonist of Oscar Wilde 's 1890 novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. He is an aristocratic Victorian man. Dorian is the grandson of the late Lord Kelso.

Who is Dorian Gray's mother in Harry Potter?

  • Dorian is the grandson of the late Lord Kelso. His mother, Lady Margaret Devereux, was portrayed as a beautiful and rich woman. Her grandfather had a strong dislike for Kelso, and in turn, Margaret received the entire Selby property.

What happens to Dorian's parents in the picture?

  • The details of Dorian's parentage not only add a sense of mystery to his character, they also foreshadow his own scandalous adult life. Like the elopement of his mother, Dorian's decadent lifestyle shocks and scandalizes English society. In addition, just like Lady Margaret, Dorian pursues his own desires, without any regard for the consequences.

What happens to Dorian Gray in the book against the grain?

  • Henry sends Dorian a book that he finds poisonous and fascinating (critics have suggested that it might be Against the Grain by Joris-Karl Huysmans ). Under the book’s influence, Dorian spends the next 18 years in the pursuit of capricious and sybaritic excess, and he becomes increasingly drawn to evil.

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