Will Donna come back in Titans?


Will Donna come back in Titans?

Will Donna come back in Titans?

It appears a familiar face will be returning for Titans season 3. A new set photo from the series has confirmed that Conor Leslie will return as Donna Troy. Donna met an unexpected demise in the season 2 finale of the series when an electrical wire shockingly killed her.

Is Donna from Titans really dead?

The question now is how she'll be back -- as both Leslie and costar Alan Ritchson confirmed Donna 100% died in the finale, after getting electrocuted trying to save the day.

Will Donna Troy come back to life?

After Donna Troy is killed by a fleet of Superman androids reprogrammed by Brainiac, she is resurrected by the Titans of Myth, who seek to exploit her status as an "anomaly" from the world that existed before Crisis on Infinite Earths to escape the coming cataclysm of Infinite Crisis.

Is Donna in Season 3 of Titans?

Conor Leslie As Donna Troy/Wonder Girl Despite her death last season, Titans season 3 will see Conor Leslie back as Donna Troy.

Is Chelsea Zhang in Titans Season 3?

While the main cast of characters is huge, some of the characters introduced on the show so far have not been confirmed to be returning: There is no news on whether Chella Man's Joseph Wilson/Jericho will appear and Chelsea Zhang, who played Rose Wilson/Ravager, was not part of the main cast announcement.

Who was Donna Troy in Titans season 2?

  • The Titans season 2 finale saw the unexpected death of original "Teen Titan" Donna Troy (Conor Leslie). Donna was introduced in season 1, episode 8, "Donna Troy," which established that Troy, now an investigative journalist, was previously Wonder Girl, the sidekick to Wonder Woman and a former Teen Titan along with Dick Grayson.

Why did Raven not bring Donna back to life?

  • She reasons that there is a chance that she could bring Donna back to life. Unless Raven is suddenly not going to be part of Titans, this plays as the show leaving threads to pull on next season. And if that does mean that Donna's death isn't permanent, then Titans ' decision to not give her an epic and poignant death is even more confusing.

Who was going to die in Titans season finale?

  • The trailer for the season finale had teased that one of the Titans wasn't going to survive the events of the finale. It turned out to be Donna Troy aka. Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie), one of the original members, who was destined to die.

How did Donna die in Game of Thrones?

  • The heroine sacrificed herself when catching a damaged transmission tower that was falling on Dove (Minka Kelly) and several civilians. One of the final plots of the finale sees Rachel (Teagan Croft) leaving with the Amazons to take Donna's body to Themyscira in hopes of resurrecting her.

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