What happened to Donna Troy in Titans?


What happened to Donna Troy in Titans?

What happened to Donna Troy in Titans?

The question now is how she'll be back -- as both Leslie and costar Alan Ritchson confirmed Donna 100% died in the finale, after getting electrocuted trying to save the day.

Is Raven the strongest Titan?

1. Raven. It's well documented that Raven isn't just the most powerful character in the Teen Titans but she's also one of the most powerful in DC. Raven inherited her power from her father, Trigon.

Is Rose Wilson good or bad in Titans?

Power dampening; Anti-psychic presence; Mental link. Rose Wilson is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. She has been both an enemy to and a member of the Teen Titans, and she is the daughter of Deathstroke.

How did Donna Troy die in the Titans?

  • Donna Troy unexpectedly died in Titan's season 2 finale, much to the shock and dismay of fans; however, the show may be setting up her revival. The Titans season 2 finale saw the unexpected death of original "Teen Titan" Donna Troy (Conor Leslie).

Is the actress that plays Donna Troy coming back?

  • During an appearance on DC Universe's DC Daily fan show (via DC TV Brasil) the actress implied that Titans is perhaps bringing back Donna sooner than people realize.

Who was going to die in Titans season finale?

  • The trailer for the season finale had teased that one of the Titans wasn't going to survive the events of the finale. It turned out to be Donna Troy aka. Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie), one of the original members, who was destined to die.

How did Donna Troy change her name to Troia?

  • Following Crisis, Donna Troy was given a new backstory in which she was saved from a fire not by Wonder Woman, but by the Titan Rhea. In this new storyline, Wonder Girl eventually embraces her mystical gifts from the Titans by changing her name to Troia and adopting a new costume and hairstyle.

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