Who is Don Allen's father?


Who is Don Allen's father?

Who is Don Allen's father?

Don Allen is the child of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen, and the father of Bart Allen. His twin sister is Dawn.

Who is Barry Allen's real daughter?

Nora West-Allen Jessica Parker Kennedy portrays a variation of XS in the live-action television series The Flash. This version is Nora West-Allen, the daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen from the year 2049 whose characterization is an amalgamation of the comics' XS and Dawn Allen.

Is Don Allen blind?

Don was born blind so he couldn't train to be Kid Flash because his parents where also ways worried about him untill he turnned 18 where he was given an expermently operation (funded by Wayne Corp) of his retina.

Is Don Allen a villain?

In 2017's The Flash #26 by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter, Barry Allen and Iris West were taken to a dark future by Eobard Thawne. The villainous Reverse-Flash gave the couple a glimpse at their future, showing them their twin children, Don and Dawn Allen would grow up to become supervillains.

Is Nora really Thawne's daughter?

Upon meeting Nora in 2015, Eobard realized that she was Barry's daughter and asked if her name was Dawn. When Nora corrected him, Thawne realized that his actions in the year 2000 had changed the timeline and inspired the West-Allen couple to name their daughter after Barry's late mother.

Is Nora West Allen a twin?

Like Jenni, Bart is the grandchild of Barry Allen. ... After all, Dawn was the longest standing canonical daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West. Much like the comic book Nora Allen, she has a twin brother—his name is Don.

What is Barry Allen Flash's real name?

  • Barry Allen real nameBartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen

What is Barry Allen's full name?

  • Grant Gustin. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Thomas Grant Gustin (born Janu) is an American actor and singer. He is known for his role as Barry Allen / The Flash on the CW series The Flash as part of the Arrowverse television franchise, and for his role as Sebastian Smythe on the Fox series Glee.

How did Barry Allen Flash die?

  • Barry Allen, the 2nd Flash, died sacrificing himself to stop the Anti-Monitor from destroying the multiverse . This happened at the end of the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1984, resulting in the multiverse being merged into a single continuity. He got better.

Who is the Flash daughter?

  • The Flash dropped a few bombshells regarding Barry's daughter, Nora West-Allen , in the midseason finale, which calls into question both her motives and her honesty. The Flash season 5 midseason finale also links Nora with the Reverse-Flash, aka Eobard Thawne.

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