Is Heaven ascended Dio canon?


Is Heaven ascended Dio canon?

Is Heaven ascended Dio canon?

Heaven Ascension DIO is the ultimate form of DIO from an Alternate Universe, featured in the non-canon video game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.

Are over heaven stands canon?

1 The World Over Heaven While technically non-canon, the World Over Heaven is still the most powerful Stand in the entire Jojo's Bizarre Adventure franchise. A variation of Dio's Stand The World, it serves an alternate version of Dio that successfully eliminated the Joestars and "obtained heaven".

Did Dio go heaven?

Around this time, during the ending of Steel Ball Run, President Funny Valentine tried desperately to escape from the "Infinite Spin" set on him by Johnny Joestar. In the process, Valentine skipped through dimensions until he eventually arrived in Heaven Ascension DIO's world.

What is Dio over heaven from?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The World Over Heaven (ザ・ワールド・オーバーヘブン, Za Wārudo Ōbā Hebun) is the Stand of Heaven Ascension DIO featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.

Who killed DIO over heaven?

The bracelets fused with DIO's own, exploding them and crippling DIO. DIO tried to use his blood to blind Jotaro, but Jotaro delivered one final punch, destroying him once and for all.

Who defeated Dio over heaven?

Jotaro Without his reality-warping powers, Jotaro gains the upper hand and destroys Heaven Ascension DIO in a manner much like in the main universe. After DIO's defeat, all realities are restored and Jotaro returns to meeting his allies at the end of Part 3.

Why does Dio not want to go to Heaven?

  • Dio acknowledges his inability to attain Heaven, even with The World in his possession, and says that he must acquire a friend who is "without desire for power, hunger, or for fame, or lust. He must hold God's laws in higher esteem than he does man's laws.".

Who is Heaven Ascension Dio in JoJo's bizarre?

  • Heaven Ascension DIO (天国に到達したDIO, Tengoku ni Tōtatsu-shita Dio) is the ultimate form of DIO from an Alternate Universe, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven as the main antagonist of the game.

How much HP does Heaven Ascension Dio have?

  • Heaven Ascension DIO is one of the hardest bosses in the game, with approximately 600 HP. You must defeat him in order to obtain his Bone, a vital component for evolving C-Moon into Made In Heaven and The World into The World Over Heaven in The Heaven's Plan .

What happens when you attack Heaven Ascension Dio?

  • DIO uses the Stand: The World Over Heaven. When you attack Heaven Ascension DIO from a far distance, he will Time Skip behind you and perform a barrage. When DIO is Half HP, he will begin to use his Reality Overwrite moves and will Time Stop every 10 seconds. He will also start using the Self Injury Overwrite move on himself in order to heal.

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