How did Dio survive Part 6?


How did Dio survive Part 6?

How did Dio survive Part 6?

It is revealed in Stardust Crusaders that Dio survived the ship's explosion and attached his head to Jonathan's headless body as the ship sank, confining himself in a casket at the bottom of the ocean for a century until a shipwreck salvage operation unintentionally retrieved him in 1983.

What stand does Dio have in Part 6?

with The World Stand. DIO with The World DIO's Stand is The World; a humanoid Stand that specializes in melee attack roughly equal, if not superior, in its immense force and speed to Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum. About a year after gaining his Stand, DIO discovered that it is capable of stopping time.

Is the character Dio still alive in Stone Ocean?

  • DIO is technically still dead during the events of Stone Ocean. His appearances in the part are mainly via flashbacks for the antagonist of the part. It’s mainly because of how much of am impact he has for the antagonist and how it’ll affect the part overall.

How is Dio in part 6 of the Heaven plan?

  • The Dio in part 6 is just a flashback of Pucci’s memories when they talked about the Heaven plan and Pucci’s relationship with Dio. The flashbacks themselves took place in Part 3 but weren’t revealed until later on when the readers finally meet Pu...

Who is the bad father in Dio part 6?

  • Pucci rubs DIO (Part 6)'s boner and turns people into trees or something and proceeds to have a child with DIO (Part 6), but he's a bad father and forgets to name it so everyone just calls it Green Baby. After realizing priests can't have kids, he absorbs the Green Baby with his Stand and evolves his Stand into C-Moon to hide the evidence.

What's the name of the gay form of Dio?

  • Gay. DIO (Part 6) ( DIO (第6部)) is one of the ultimate gay forms of DIO. Only appearing in flashbacks this time because he's fucking dead, By this part. DIO divorced Doflamingo, so he gets in bed with a priest and talks about gravity. He also gives the priest his boner.

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