Where is Dexter's apartment really located?


Where is Dexter's apartment really located?

Where is Dexter's apartment really located?

In real life, it's the Bay Harbor Club condos, located at 1155 103rd Street, out on Bay Harbor Island, in Miami Beach, Florida. (On the show, Dexter lives on the second floor, and his room number is 10b.) That's out on the north tip of the easternmost of the two Bay Harbor Islands, in Biscayne Bay.

Is Dexter set in Miami?

Though the show was set in the heart of Miami, all but a few well-known establishing shots were filmed in—surprise! —Southern California. To fête the series' final curtain, here's the definitive guide to Dexter's real-life sets, mapped and explained below.

How much is Dexter's apartment?

CURIOUS FACT: Dexter's Apartment in the show was located in a fictional place called “Palm Terrace”, but the real condo is at Bay Harbor club in Miami. The current selling price for apartments in the same condo as Dexter's apartment (his one, the 10B, is not available) is around 238.000$.

Is Deb coming back to Dexter?

Deb Morgan is coming back. Jennifer Carpenter will return for Showtime's Dexter revival, sources confirm to The Hollywood Reporter. The actress played Dexter Morgan's sister for all eight seasons of the original Showtime series. The character was famously killed off in the 2013 series finale.

Why did Dexter quit caddying?

Dexter quits working as a caddy in F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story "Winter Dreams" when he is at the top of his game. ... In the spring, he realizes that his reality has fallen far short of his winter dreams, and he decides to quit his job to create a new and more majestic reality for himself.

Where was Dexter's apartment in the TV show Dexter?

  • The location: Front Lawn of Dexter's Apartment. Dexter's original Miami apartment house was the Bay Harbor Club condos, located at 1155 103rd Street, out on Bay Harbor Island, in Miami Beach, Florida . (An appropriate location, considering that he was the "Bay Harbor Butcher"...)

Where can I buy a home in Dexter?

  • Coldwell Banker Realty can help you find Dexter homes for sale. Refine your Dexter real estate search results by price, property type, bedrooms, baths and other features. Need more information? View our Dexter real estate offices and let us help you find the perfect property.

Where is the address of Dexter's apartment in Miami?

  • At the famous address which can now be found even on Google Maps: 11rd street at bay harbor island. Insert either that address or directly “ Dexter’s apartment” in Google Maps and you’ll get the directions from wherever you are in Miami.

Why did Dexter let lumen stay in his apartment?

  • While Lumen Pierce is in hiding, Dexter lets her stay in his apartment, after she first stayed in his empty house . It serves as Dexter and Harrison 's home. Dexter buys an adjoining apartment in order to have more space, privacy, and an additional entrance. In the series finale, Dexter puts his apartment up for sale.

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