What is the best character in Cookie Run?


What is the best character in Cookie Run?

What is the best character in Cookie Run?

Dark Choco, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, and the Milk are best as tanky characters and use Black Raising, Licorice, or the Espresso as damage dealers to your team. For the supporter or the healer, roles select Herb or the Pure Vanilla Cookie. Those combinations would be best for a good team for the gameplay.

How old do you have to be to play Cookie Run?

All Devsisters games are made and solely published for players with an age of 16 years or older. For more information, please consult our Terms of Service ( and Privacy Policy (

Can you play Cookie Run with friends?

You would tap the "Challenge" button next to the friend's entry. You could only challenge friends who are in the same Land or a Land above or below you. Before the 1vs1 Race could begin, you must have selected a Land for both you and your friend to play on.

How do I stop cookie run from crashing?

Please try the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Make sure you have a solid connection.
  2. Free up device memory by uninstalling unused Apps and/or removing videos/photos.
  3. Free up memory by closing all running Apps.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. Also, set your graphic settings more suitable to your device (in Settings)

What kind of running game is Cookie Run?

  • Cookie Run is a franchise of a side-scrolling running game by Devsisters for iOS and Android. It may look like a piece of cake, but this is one tough cookie to crack. Help the cute cookies escape a fate worse than bad bakery!

What can you do in Cookie Run update?

  • Reclaim your dream Kingdom! The Cookies' sweet puzzle adventure! Build your own dream city, Brix by Brix! Super CookieBots Update! Battle Run Update! Time for an adventure with the Cookies! Run with a friend! Brave, smart, adorable, and sometimes scary Cookies are waiting for you! Collect and upgrade Cookies & Pets to reach higher scores.

What can you do with coins in Cookie Run?

  • Coins are the main currency of the game. You can use coins to spend on upgrades like upgrading Cookies, Health, Jellies, Pets, and Treasures. You can also use them to buy boosts like Double XP, Cookie Relay, and even Random Boost, which we will discuss later too in the guide. You can easily collect them in-game and in rewards.

How do you invite friends to Cookie Run?

  • Above your Cookies and Pet in the main lobby there is a button called "Invite Event". Click that, and invite as many friends as you can, providing that you have already add them and they have never played before.

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