Is Death Stranding the weirdest game ever?


Is Death Stranding the weirdest game ever?

Is Death Stranding the weirdest game ever?

Written, directed, and produced by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, it's his first game since leaving Konami, and it's every bit as wild, weird, and wonderful as you'd expect. ...

How long does it take to complete Death Stranding 100%?

Based on 1.1K User Ratings
PC610112h 15m
PlayStation 41.8K115h 57m
PlayStation 542119h 26m

How many GB is Death Stranding?

80 GB Storage: 80 GB available space. Sound Card: DirectX compatible.

Which is the strongest story in Death Stranding?

  • “The strongest story in Death Stranding is the one told by its systems, but the cut-scenes and other narrative elements are still captivating, a slow burn that starts with quiet character moments and ends with a mountain-high pile-up of plots and motivations.”

Who is the developer of Death Stranding game?

  • This is a subreddit for the fans of Hideo Kojima's action video game, Death Stranding, developed by Kojima Productions. The game was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4, and by 505 Games for Windows. Reddit Inc © 2021. All rights reserved

Which is better Death Stranding or phantom pain?

  • “The larger narrative of Death Stranding is spellbinding, but like The Phantom Pain before it, Death Stranding speaks more clearly through its systems, and is more interesting to play than its raw narrative is to experience.”

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