What happened to Deanna in walking dead?


What happened to Deanna in walking dead?

What happened to Deanna in walking dead?

About two months after the herd's assault on Alexandria, a zombified Deanna is spotted wandering the woods outside the town. After finding her, Michonne restrains her while Spencer unsheathes his knife and tearfully stabs her in the back of the head, killing her.

Is Alexandria a good place in the walking dead?

To this day, Alexandria is still a substantial location in the series. Many events have occurred within its walls, tragedies and joyful things alike, and the show would be very different without it.

Who baby is it in The Walking Dead?

During The Walking Dead Season 10 Preview Special, Showrunner Angela Kang revealed the name of Rosita's (Christian Serratos) baby, who will be appearing in Season 10, and shared the story of how the baby received its name with help from Serratos.

What did Karl do to Deanna?

While Carl was out with Enid he found Deanna and lured her over to where Michonne and Deanna's son was so that he could put her down himself. Michonne was worried about his safety but Carl knows what he's doing. Her affection comes across as motherly in this moment.

Who is Deanna Monroe in The Walking Dead?

  • Deanna Monroe is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC 's The Walking Dead. She is the former leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and is the mother to Aiden and Spencer. She is also the wife to Reg Monroe.

What did Deanna say to Rick in The Walking Dead?

  • Rick first talks to her about defending the walls with patrols and arming a few select people inside the walls, something Deanna believes to be unnecessary. When asked about the shifts people take in the clock tower, Deanna reveals that the town has no official lookout, which surprises and angers Rick.

Who is Deanna's father in The Walking Dead?

  • Father Gabriel Stokes then comes to the house to warn her that Rick's group are bad people. Deanna is first seen playing back Aiden's run mix CD, depressed over the sudden death of her son. She later receives Carol's casserole and burns the note that was included.

Who are the main characters in The Walking Dead?

  • Deanna Monroe is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is Reg Monroe's wife and the mother of Aiden and Spencer.

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