Is Dark Souls 1 harder than Demon Souls?


Is Dark Souls 1 harder than Demon Souls?

Is Dark Souls 1 harder than Demon Souls?

No there's no argument, Demon Souls is way harder. Like 5 times harder than Dark Souls. I am playing without magic, which I've heard makes it easier, but still. There's very few shortcuts and no bonfire/archstones near bosses.

Is Demon's Souls more difficult?

While The PS5's Demon's Souls is unquestionably difficult, there are some games that are so much harder, they make Boletaria seem welcoming. The harder the game, the more rewarding the experience.

Is Dark Souls actually harder then demon's souls?

  • Demon's Souls was actually a very easy game if you played as a mage. I'd say on par with a standard fps on the highest or second highest difficulty. Dark Souls took that out of the mix, and it makes it a substantially harder game.

Which is harder, Dark Souls or demon's?

  • Demons has ALOT more ambushes that if you blindly charge into your gonna get wrecked. Once you acquire a competent level of playing either, if measured by sheer Difficulty, Demon's Souls is 10x harder than Dark Souls @ the very least.

What is Dark Souls really all about?

  • Dark Souls is a third-person action role-playing game . A core mechanic of the game is exploration. Players are encouraged by the game to proceed with caution, learn from past mistakes, or find alternative areas to explore. Dark Souls takes place in a large and continuous open world environment, connected through a central hub area.

What are Dark Souls?

  • The Dark Soul is the soul of the Furtive Pygmy, and one of the Souls of Lords in Dark Souls. It is the namesake of the Dark Souls series.

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