Is Josh Dun married yet?


Is Josh Dun married yet?

Is Josh Dun married yet?

Twenty One Pilots' Josh Dun and actress Debby Ryan are officially husband and wife! The couple confirmed they tied the knot on New Year's Eve after fans spotted his wedding ring in the homemade "Level of Concern" music video. And the two planned the whole wedding in just 28 days.

Is Debby Ryan single?

Debby Ryan is married. Amid much speculation from fans, the Disney alum has confirmed that she tied the knot with Twenty One Pilots star Josh Dun.

Does Tyler Joseph have a wife?

Jenna Josephdesde 2015 Tyler Joseph/Esposa

Is Josh Dun in a relationship?

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Josh Dun
Years active2010–present
Spouse(s)Debby Ryan ​ ( m. 2019)​
AwardsFull list

Why did 21 pilots break up?

On Decem, the three member line up released their eponymous self titled album, Twenty One Pilots, and began to tour their home state of Ohio. In mid 2011, Thomas and Salih left the band due to increasingly busy schedules as they chose to pursue careers elsewhere.

Who did 21 pilots marry?

Jenna Joseph is the wife of Tyler Joseph, the lead vocalist of Twenty One Pilots. She has over one million followers on Instagram, has appeared in multiple music videos, and is the inspiration behind some of Tyler's songs.

Who died in 21 pilots?

Robert On Ma Robert unfortunately passed away after battling with Alzheimer's disease. His passing inspired Joseph's song, "Legend", which he began writing while his grandfather was alive, but finished after his death.

Is Tyler Joseph a dad?

Tyler Joseph Just Announced That He's Going To Be A Dad, During Twenty One Pilots' Set. Congratulations are in order! Tyler Joseph announced that he and his wife Jenna are expecting their first baby, during Twenty One Pilots' set at Lollapalooza Berlin earlier today.

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