What is Kal-El real name?


What is Kal-El real name?

What is Kal-El real name?

Clark Joseph Kent Superman
Kal-El / Clark Kent Superman
Alter egoKal-El (birth name) Clark Joseph Kent (adopted name)
Place of originKryptonopolis (Krypton) Smallville / Metropolis (Earth)
Team affiliationsJustice League Legion of Super-Heroes Superman Family

Is Superman Clark Kent or Kal-El?

Clark Kent vs Kal-El | Fandom. Everyone knows that Clark Kent and Kal-El is the name of the same person (versions of some dimensions ignore that), but what I'm seeing is that in most articles about Superman, I see that Kal-El is the real name and Clark Kent appears as alias instead of legal name, that is wrong.

Who is Calvin Ellis Superman?

Calvin Ellis, the Earth-23 version of Superman, was introduced by Grant Morrison during 2008's Final Crisis event. Not only was he their version of the Man of Steel he was also President of the United States.

How old is Kal-El Superman?

Now 21, Kal-El starts calling himself Superman, 13 years after his debut as Superboy.

Is Kal-El and Clark Kent the same person?

Clark Joseph Kent, also known by his birth name Kal-El or superhero persona Superman, is a fictional character and a superhero in the DC Extended Universe series of films, based on the character of the same name created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Has there ever been a black Clark Kent?

Yes, there has been a Black Superman in DC comics previously. ... Calvin Ellis, or Kalel, was introduced to the DC universe in Final Crisis #7, which was released in March 2009, and is one Black man to don the Superman costume in the franchise.

Who is Calvin Ellis in the new Superman?

  • Calvin Ellis is Kal-El from Earth-23. His first appearance came in Final Crisis #7 by Grant Morrison and Doug Mahnke. Calvin Ellis is Superman, and he is also the President of the United States on Earth-23. Calvin Ellis was a name chosen by Alan Moore in 1985 as an alias and was revived for this character.

Where did the name Calvin Ellis come from?

  • The name "Calvin Ellis" was originally introduced as an alias for Superman in a 1985 story written by Alan Moore. This character is or was an incarnation of or an ally of Superman, and a member of the Superman Family.

Why was Kalel sent to Earth in Final Crisis?

  • During Final Crisis, this Superman joined a a team of different versions of Superman from the Multiverse. (" Final Crisis ") Born to Jorel and Lara in the science capital on Vathlo Island on Krypton, baby Kalel was sent to Earth to escape Krypton's destruction.

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