Is CJ and Franklin related?


Is CJ and Franklin related?

Is CJ and Franklin related?

Franklin's GTAV Actor Is CJ's Real-Life Cousin But what's perhaps even cooler is that he's the cousin of the voice actor who played CJ, Christopher Bellard, who was credited by his stage name Young Malay in GTA: San Andreas. Young Malay is also a rapper, record producer, and actor.

What happened CJ?

He also owns Madd Dogg's rap contract and has shares in Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas. Apart from this, CJ owns multiple properties in San Fierro in GTA San Andreas. During the end cut scene, Madd Dogg states that he, along with Ken and CJ, would be going on a worldwide tour.

Who is CJ Franklin's dad in GTA 5?

  • Is CJ from GTA San Andreas actually Franklin from GTA 5's dad? This has been an age old question from many people for many years now. The two characters are linked together by CJ's girlfriend Denise Robinson and Franklin's aunt Denise Clinton. The real answer to this question/theory though, is no. They are not related.

How are CJ Franklin and Roley related?

  • Yes you heard that correct, Franklin is CJ’s son. And in this GTA video I prove that Franklin and CJ are related, even though one is from GTA V and the other is from GTA San Andreas. Don’t get confused by others saying Rockstar’s Grove Street Families and this car-jacking gangsters don’t live in the same GTA universe - because they on crack yo!

Who is Franklin Johnson's father in Grand Theft Auto?

  • If Franklin was called Franklin Johnson, we could do some theories around here. I have two friends, one born with the surname Hamilton and the other Kerr, now they are called Green and Glass. Maybe he took his mothers name after his father left? As for CJ being Franks dad? I think the knowledge is that he is supposed to be his uncle.

What's the difference between CJ and Franklin in GTA?

  • 1) CJ belongs to the 3D universe, while Franklin does belong to the HD one. 2) CJ surname is Johnson, while Franklin one is Clinton. 3) There's no proof at all that CJ had children, he had tons of girlfriends, as he could of picked Denise, he could of picked Barbara maybe, or Millie, or Katie, etc.

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