Is CBS All Access included in Amazon Prime?


Is CBS All Access included in Amazon Prime?

Is CBS All Access included in Amazon Prime?

CBS All Access Available to Amazon Prime Members in the U.S as an Add-On. ... CBS All Access is now the first partner of Amazon Channels to provide a feed of local TV channels. Subscribers will also be able to watch CBS All Access over more than 600 devices through the dedicated Prime Video app.

How can I get CBS All Access for free?

You can sign up for a free trial by downloading the CBS app to your Android device from the Google Play Store. The payment will go through that platform, and you will be asked to provide your credit card info.

How do I add CBS All Access to my Prime membership?

The CBS ALL ACCESS commercial-free plan is also available to Prime members through Prime Video Channels for$9.99/month after a 7-day free trial. To learn more about CBS ALL ACCESS on Prime Video Channels and to sign up, please visit:

What happened to CBS All Access on Amazon Prime?

CBS All Access will officially transition to Paramount+ today, Thursday, March 4. At that point, CBS All Access will cease to exist, and the platform's originals will be rebranded as “Paramount+ originals.”

Is the CBS app no longer free?

All for free, no additional subscription or monthly fee required. *Content availability subject to change. Live TV subject to availability. On certain devices, certain content may not be available for next-day streaming, learn more at

What devices support CBS All Access?

It offers apps for both Android and iOS, in addition to Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV devices. CBS All Access also supports the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Is CBS All Access free with a cable subscription?

  • One of the biggest questions around CBS All Access is whether you can watch it for free if you have a cable subscription. The answer is - yes, sort of, but not entirely. You can watch CBS All Access if you have a cable subscription, or a subscription to one of the major U.S. streaming services that includes live TV.

How do I cancel CBS All Access on Amazon?

  • If you'd like to cancel your subscription, simply do the following: Go to and sign in with your Amazon username and password. Next to the CBS All Access subscription, select "Actions". Select "Turn off auto-renewal" from the dropdown menu. Click on "Turn off auto-renewal" to confirm your cancellation.

How much is the CBS All Access subscription?

  • CBS is claiming a spot in the digital subscription service arena. The media network is introducing its own streaming and live video-on-demand service called CBS All Access. All Access will cost $5.99 a month and be available on all digital platforms, including an app and website.

How do you access Amazon Prime?

  • 1. Open your TV's app or channel store. 2. Search Amazon Prime in the store. 3. Download or add the Prime channel. 4. Open the Prime channel from your channel list. 5. Sign in to your Amazon account on the TV. 6. Start watching Amazon Prime.

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