Is Lelouch immortal now?


Is Lelouch immortal now?

Is Lelouch immortal now?

The reason why Lelouch still has his Geass is because he didn't take the Code from the same person who gave him his Geass: he took his Geass from CC, and he took his Code from Charles. Thus, he now possesses both immortality and a Geass.

Did CC lose immortality?

C.C. has never lost her immortality since Lelouch gained a fully developed Geass, partially or mostly due to her sealing her Code away.

Is CC immortal Code Geass?

Introduced as a captive human test subject of the villainous Holy Britannian Empire, C. C. is revealed to be an immortal young woman with special powers called the Geass. Sardonic, stubborn, and mysterious, she can give Geass powers to others, which she does to main protagonist Lelouch Lamperouge.

How is c2 immortal?

C.C. is immortal, healing from any kind of wound (implied to include beheading) with enough time. She also doesn't age.

What is CC true name?

' (シー・ツー Shī Tsū), is the tritagonist of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Her Japanese voice actress is Yukana while she is voiced by Kate Higgins in the English dub. C.C. is not her real name; she involuntarily reveals her real name to Lelouch in her sleep, but it is muted so the viewers cannot hear it.

How is the immortal still alive in comics?

  • Immortality: Due to an unknown accident that happened to him, Immortal cannot age. Immortal has lived for thousands of years and is still in his physical prime. As long as his torso and head aren't separated from his body, he is alive. He has even survived having his heart punctured, revealing that he doesn't need his heart to have consciousness.

How did the Immortal get his immortality powers?

  • Most of the Immortal's origin is unknown, even to him. Sometime in his past over 3000 years ago, an accident happened to him that gave him his immortality and superhuman abilities.

Who are the Viltrumites in the immortal Comics?

  • Immortal is seen teaming up with Emperor Nolan, his Viltrumites (including Thula ), Robot, and Tech Jacket to stop the Technicians. Accelerated Healing: The Immortal is capable of healing from injuries much faster than average Humans. Immortality: Due to an unknown accident that happened to him, Immortal cannot age.

Why is the immortal so vulnerable to insanity?

  • Vulnerability to Insanity: Because of Immortal's inability to die, he can be vulnerable to insanity. This is shown when he begins killing people in hope that someone will finally kill him. Through the many years, he would grow detached from the human race.

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