Are New Girl and Brooklyn 99 in the same universe?


Are New Girl and Brooklyn 99 in the same universe?

Are New Girl and Brooklyn 99 in the same universe?

Through this crossover, it was confirmed that New Girl and Brooklyn 99 exist in the same universe and timeline (though it also made way to a Damon Wayans Jr. ... These fictional brands inevitably form a connection between all those shows, forming a type of shared universe of sitcoms where New Girl has a spot.

Is Jess from New Girl in Brooklyn 99?

Jess Day is the only character from New Girl to appear in this first part of the crossover that is officially a Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode. Jake Peralta, Gina Linetti, Captain Ray Holt, Charles Boyle and Nikolaj all appear in the second part of the crossover which is a New Girl episode.

Are Gina and Peralta related?

Gina was a childhood friend of Detective Jake Peralta and spent a lot of time over at his Nana's. ... Gina is Italian-American.

Why is Damon Wayans leaving new girl?

Damon left the show on good terms with the cast and crew, and the creators left his role open for him to return to as his schedule allowed. By Season 3, Coach returned to the show, moving back into the loft with the explanation that his girlfriend had broken up with him and he needed a place to live.

Why did Brooklyn 99 and New Girl have a crossover?

In its conception, the opening Brooklyn Nine-Nine half-hour would find New Girl's Jess (Zooey Deschanel) dropping into New York, only to inadvertently help Jake (Andy Samberg) on a case, while the New Girl installment to follow would provide backstory on how exactly Jess ended up in that mess in the first place.

Is there a crossover between New Girl and Brooklyn 99?

  • The crossover event occurred on both shows, with Brooklyn 99 ’s crossover episode “The Night Shift” airing first on FOX followed directly by New Girl ’s crossover episode “Homecoming," In “Homecoming," Jessica Day and her roommates from apartment 4D travel to New York where Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is being honored by his old high school.

Is the new girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine part of the same universe?

  • Now, as New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are part of the same universe, it’s strange that this wasn't mentioned, more so as Coach showed up at the end of the crossover episode. This coincidence was never addressed by New Girl nor Brooklyn Nine-Nine after the crossover, so it’s up to viewers to come up with possible explanations.

Who is Jake's sister in New Girl and Brooklyn 99?

  • The crossover event between Brooklyn 99 and New Girl revealed that the two comedies exist within the same universe, but it also created a plot hole involving Jake’s (Andy Samberg) half-sister, Kate Peralta (Nasim Pedrad).

Who are the main characters in Brooklyn 99?

  • While Jess is the only New Girl character to appear on Brooklyn 99, after her car is commandeered by NYPD Detective Jake Peralta to pursue a criminal, Jess meets multiple Brooklyn 99 characters from the 99th precinct in the New Girl crossover episode, including Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) and Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti).

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