Is Blue Exorcist over?


Is Blue Exorcist over?

Is Blue Exorcist over?

It is also written by Kazue Kato, but with illustrations by Minoru Sasaki. After the cessation of the magazine on Febru, the series was transferred to Jump Square. The series finished on Ap.

Is Blue Exorcist ending canon?

While it's not exactly manga-canon compliant, the original show still ends on a very satisfying note that provides a neat conclusion, one just as compelling and exciting. But if you want more or love the manga, then absolutely watch Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga. Either way, you're gonna watch some great anime.

Is there an anime like Blue Exorcist?

  • The 13 Best Anime Like Blue Exorcist 601 134. Noragami is a remarkable series that takes a different look at the supernatural than Blue Exorcist, but retains all its charm. 474 100. Black Clover and Blue Exorcist are fantasy action series starring step-brothers. ... 364 82. The Devil Is a Part-Timer! ... 434 111. ...

Is Blue Exorcist The anime good?

  • Overall, Blue Exorcist was a good anime that is something that should be watched. It had a well balanced score, nothing was too focused on and nothing was really left out. It captures all the important details and answers most of the side questions in the end.

What is Blue Exorcist about?

  • Blue Exorcist is based on the best-selling manga of the same name by Kazue Kato , which follows a teenager named Rin Okumura, who was raised alongside his twin Yukio by an exorcist. The brothers soon learn they're actually the sons of Satan himself, and Rin is given a special demon-killing...

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